Monday, July 24, 2023

Tuition Assistance: Degree Plan and TAR Signature

Date Published: 17 Jul 23 Subject: Tuition Assistance: Degree Plan and TAR Signature 1. Tuition Assistance Evaluated Degree Plan Requirement, Effective 1 August 2023         a. Effective 1 August 2023, Soldiers using TA are required to provide an Evaluated Degree Plan upon submission of two TA funded courses. Soldiers without an Evaluated Degree Plan will have a TA blocker (hold) preventing Soldiers from requesting TA for future courses. Soldiers must provide their Evaluated Degree Plan to the education center prior to 1 August 2023 to avoid this TA blocker (hold).         b. For questions about the Evaluated Degree Plan requirement, Soldiers should contact their Education Center. 2. Soldier Signature REQUIRED on Tuition Assistance Requests         a. Soldiers must log into their upgraded ArmyIgnitED account ( to check for and sign any pending TA requests. A Soldier signature is required on TA requests. Changes made to a previously submitted TA request or a TA request created on a Soldier’s behalf by an Army Education Counselor, still require a Soldier signature.         b. Without a Soldier signature, Academic Institutions (schools) will not be able to invoice the Army and TA funding will NOT be applied. This will create an outstanding student balance on Soldiers’ school accounts.         c. For further assistance with TA requests, Soldiers should contact their Education Center. Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS) Army University  / Combined Arms Center / contact your education center support team


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