Sunday, October 29, 2023

S1NET Message Summary - 26 Oct 23

1. TAG SENDS: CASUALTY OPERATIONS. From BG Gregory S. Johnson, TAG63:  Sharing several items worth your immediate consideration and review. Have provided some casualty tools, guidance and POCs to assist in ensuring our force remains ready to deploy. There have been many updates to our casualty tracking tools and accountability documents over the past few years, please see updates (at the following link) on the Medical Planner’ Toolkit (MPTK), DCIPS, DD93 guidance, DTAS, and iPERMS. 2. FY23 AC COL JAG PROMOTION SELECTION BOARD (PSB) UPDATE, 26 OCT 23. From HRC Officer Promotions:  This board convened on 26 Jun and recessed (R-Date) on 30 Jun 23. Starting at R+120, updates will be sent every 30 days to the eligible population until official results are released. As of 26 Oct 23, board results are with the Office of the Secretary of Defense for review and approval. Target window for release is between R+120 and R+180. 3. iPERMS AUTOMATED BATCH PROCESSING DEMONSTRATION AND LPD TOWN HALL MEETING, 16 NOV 23. Come join iPERMS at the town hall meeting. 4. IPPS-A ITEMS.      a. IPPSA KNOWN ISSUES, 20 OCTOBER, 2023. 5. BRANCH/COMMAND ITEMS.      a. AGCRA NEWSLETTER # 102. Awards Processing, AGCRA Tax Exemption, 229th Army Band, Fountain City / Lone Star / Alamo Chapters & AUSA Savings. 6. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay Messages.       a. MILPER MESSAGE 23-447, 2ND QTR, FY24 VOLUNTARY TRANSFER INCENTIVE PROGRAM (VTIP) FOR ARMY COMPETITIVE CATEGORY (ACC) OFFICERS, ISSUED: [10/25/2023 9:04:30 AM]. This message provides procedural guidance for the 2nd QTR, Fiscal Year (FY)24 Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP). Army Competitive Category (ACC) officers may submit a DA Form 4187 requesting Branch or Functional Area (FA) transfer from 25 October 2023 – 30 November 2023.      b. MILPER MESSAGE 23-448, AMENDMENT TO MILPER MESSAGE 23-383, 19 SEPTEMBER 2023, SUBJECT: RELEASE OF THE CALENDAR YEAR 2024 (CY24) ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT (AMEDD) STRATEGIC BILLET (SB) SLATE, ISSUED: [10/25/2023 9:40:36 AM]. See the message for changes.      c. MILPER MESSAGE 23-449, EVALUATION REPORTING SYSTEM INVALID REPORT CREATION AND SUBMISSION PRACTICES – “CHURNING REPORTS”, ISSUED: [10/25/2023 9:48:55 AM]. The purpose of this message is to detail an unacceptable evaluation practice that some rating officials are executing within the Evaluation Entry System. The unacceptable practice, referred to as “churning,” involves generating multiple, and usually short, evaluation reports with no true event-driven requirement for the type of evaluation report submitted (e.g., Change of Rater with no alteration to rating chain, Change of Duty with no change to assigned duty, and Retirement with no approved retirement request). This unacceptable practice circumvents Army Regulation (AR) 623-3, and the authorized reasons for an evaluation submission without a valid change in status. This is contrary to the spirit and intent of the regulation and undermines the selection process for all rated Soldiers. This practice must be discontinued. The Army expects and requires leaders to be aware of policies and procedures and to apply and uphold established, expected standards without bias.      d. MILPER MESSAGE 23-450, JOINT MERITORIOUS UNIT AWARD TO HEADQUARTERS, JOINT TASK FORCE 339, ISSUED: [10/25/2023 11:22:19 AM]. This message is to announce the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award (JMUA) to Headquarters, Joint Task Force 339, and its forward deployed sub-elements, for exceptionally meritorious service during the period 2 April 2018 to 1 August 2021.      e. MILPER MESSAGE 23-451, APPROVAL OF EXCEPTION TO POLICY REINSTATING AWARD OF THE INHERENT RESOLVE CAMPAIGN MEDAL TO MEMBERS SERVING IN IRAQ, ISSUED: [10/25/2023 11:23:58 AM]. This message is to announce the award of the Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal (IRCM) is hereby reinstated to award Servicemembers serving in Iraq who meet IRCM eligibility criteria in paragraph 4.9 of Department of Defense Manual (DoDM) 1348, Volume 2, “Manual of Military Decorations and Awards: DoD Service Awards - Campaign, Expeditionary, and Service Medals,” for the period of 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024. This exception to policy expires on 1 January 2025.      f. MILPER MESSAGE 23-452, FY25 COLONEL (COL) FINANCE AND COMPTROLLER (FC) KEY DESIGNATED BILLET (KDB) SLATE RELEASE, ISSUED: [10/25/2023 11:28:40 AM]. This message announces the release of the FY25 Colonel (COL) Finance and Comptroller (FC) Branch Key Designated Billet (KDB) Slate on 27 October 2023. 7. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 19 OCT 23). The below hot openings, and others, are listed at the following link.      a. OPERATIONS OFFICER | FORT LIBERTY, N.C. | O-4 | 02A | TS/SCI | JUL 2023.  | 365 DAYS.       b. OPERATIONS PLANNER 2 | CAMP ARIFIJAN, KUWAIT | O-4 | 02A | TS/SCI | SEP 2023 | 365 DAYS.      c. OPERATIONS OFFICER | FORT LIBERTY, N.C. | O-3 | 11A | TS/SCI | OCT 2023 | 365 DAYS.         d. PUBLIC AFFAIRS NCO| CAMP ARIFIJAN, KUWAIT | E-7 |46S | S | OCT 2023 |180 DAYS.  8. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.          a. THE 649TH REGIONAL SUPPORT GROUP (RSG) IS LOOKING FOR ENGAGED LEADERS FOCUSED ON WARFIGHTING AND TRAINING TO JOIN OUR TEAM, LOCATIONS IN IA, IL.      b. TPU XO VACANCY | 35A, 6/108TH MI BN, FT LIBERTY, NC.      c. ADOS-RC OPPORTUNITY: CG AIDE-DE-CAMP FOR 79TH THEATER SUSTAINMENT COMMAND, LOS ALAMITOS, CA - RANK: CPT, 01A.      d. ISO MID-LEVEL NCOS FOR DEPLOYING LOGISTICS TASK FORCE, 96TH SUST BDE.      e. 275TH COMBAT SUSTAINMENT SUPPORT BATTALION, MULTIPLE TPU VACANCIES, FT. GREGG-ADAMS, VA.      f. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT OF TROOP PROGRAM UNIT (TPU) VACANCIES, J1 DIRECTOR, LTC, CJTF-HOA, CAMP LEMONNIER, DJIBOUTI.      g. 1-340th Training Support Battalion (TSBN) E-6 to E-8 Enlisted and CPT to MAJ Officer TPU Vacancies, Fort Snelling, MN.      h. ANNOUNCEMENT OF HHC COMMANDER FOR 3RD BATTALION, 381ST REGIMENT, (OC/T) 1ST BRIGADE, 91ST TRAINING DIVISION, DALLAS, TX.      i. COMMANDER VACANCY FOR 357TH FORWARD RESUSCITATIVE SURGICAL DETACHMENT AND 420TH MEDICAL DETACHMENT HOSPITAL AUGMENTATION, 801ST FIELD HOSP, FT SHERIDAN, IL.      j. 3RD BDE (CM), 102ND TRAINING DIVISION, TPU POSITIONS (E6-E7 74D INSTRUCTOR/ E6-E7 TRAINING SGT/ E5-E7 42A / E4-E7 92Y/ E7 79V/ E7 EO), VARIOUS LOCATIONS; FARRELL, PA / DEVENS, MA / N LITTLE ROCK, AR / HOMEWOOD, IL / JBLM, WA /HUNTSVILLE, AL.      k. VACANCY FOR TPU 75TH UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE INNOVATION COMMAND (USARIC) G8/COL/36A, HOUSTON, TX.      l. OKARNG AGR, E4/E5, 74D CBRN NCO, 63RD CST, NORMAN, OK.      m. MILITARY SURFACE DEPLOYMENT & DISTRIBUTION COMMAND (SDDC) – IMA GROUP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT, SCOTT AFB, IL.      n. B CO 2-104TH GSAB, CW3, M-DAY IP/SP VACANCY, FORT INDIANTOWN GAP, PA.      o. 597TH TRANS BDE, IMA GROUP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT, VA, SC, TX.      p. 598TH TRANS BDE, IMA GROUP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT, SEMBACH, GERMANY.      q. 596TH TRANS BDE, IMA GROUP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT, BD S2/3, LTC/90A, SOUTHPORT, NC.      r. OPEN OFFICER, ENLISTED AND NCO POSS WITHIN THE 163 REGIONAL SUPPORT GROUP (RSG), CAMP NORMANDY, GRAFENWOEHR, GERMANY.


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