Army National Guard AGR Jobs

Do you need a job? Why not work for the National Guard? Go check out the list of AGR available for your state.

Texas Army National Guard AGR Jobs

Are you a member of the Texas Army National Guard? "Texas AGR jobs" are the most searched AGR jobs on Google. Check them out now!

Florida Army National Guard AGR Jobs

Are you a member of the Florida Army National Guard? "Florida AGR jobs" are the second most searched AGR jobs on Google. Check them out now!

California Army National Guard AGR Jobs

Are you a member of the California Army National Guard? "California AGR jobs" are the third most searched AGR jobs on Google. Check them out now!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

IBOLC Class 09-17 Welcome Letter

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Tricare Resources for Service

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Fort Benning Main Post Map

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Army Acronyms, Abbreviations, What It Stands for

ARTIMS: Army Training Information Management System

LPD: Leader Professional Development

ODT: Overseas Deployment Training

POI: Program of Instruction

SM: Service Member

TTAD: Temporary Tour of Active Duty


UFG: Ulchi-Freedom Guardian

Best Civilian Jobs for National Guard Soldiers

1. Local Law Enforcement / Fire Fighters

Local law enforcement officers and fire fighters are great jobs for National Guard Soldiers. They pay good, look at your military experience favorably, and offer retirement just like military - so at the end, you will have two retirement checks!

Also, many departments will allow you free days-off for your service in National Guard. For an example, in Washington state, a lot of police/fire departments will give their officers paid 20 days off per year so they can serve their states. So it's a legal double dipping!

2. Federal Technicians

Army technician jobs are available only to National Guard Soldiers. Most technician jobs are limited to Soldiers who are MOS-qualified, mostly in mechanic-related MOS. You will wear your uniform during weekdays, but you are not under your National Guard CoC. The requirement is that you will have to stay in National Guard. You usually get paid by the hour with all the benefits of a federal employee. Also, you still get paid for your drills, so you will get double retirement as well.

3. GS Jobs 

GS jobs are good, but your retirement is less compared to other jobs mentioned above.

3 Status of National Guard Soldiers: M-DAY, AGR, ADOS 32

  1. M-DAY: Typical National Guard Soldier - Serving one weekend a month, 2 weeks a year.

  2. AGR: You're working for National Guard for your state, but you are on active duty. Once you get in, you can serve 20+ years. You get active pay, plus BAH. But, however, you don't get paid for your drills. You only get active pay, not active pay + drill pay. So basically you go to drill for free.

  3. Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS): Similar to AGR, but you are limited to 3 years at a time. After 3 years, you have to take a mandatory 30 days break. Also, you need to renew your contract every year. Your working years as an ADOS count towards your active retirement. When you're on ADOS order, you will get full BAH along with other active duty benefits.

  4. State Active Duty (SAD) Order: You'll be on SAD order whenever you are called in to duty by the state (by the governor). On SAD order, your pay will be different than your normal military pay. Refer to the following FAQ for more details on SAD order: State Active Duty (SAD) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training Module

Trophies don't matter. Just pass them.

How to Complete ISOPREP Before You Go Overseas with Army National Guard

ISOPREP can only be accessed from a government computer, not just any computer with a CAC reader. Also, the computer needs to be one that requires login to the computer using your CAC. For example, it wouldn't work on an Army language lab computer that only uses a same username and password for everybody.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


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