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  • Army Publishing Directorate (APD) - For most up-to-date official Army publications.

  • Army University Press - the U.S. Army's premier multimedia organization - focuses on advancing the ideas and insights military professionals need to lead and succeed.

    The Army University Press is the Army's entry point for cutting edge thought and discussion on topics important to the Army and national defense.

    Through its suite of publication platforms and educational services, the Army University Press makes timely and relevant information available to leaders in the military, government, and academia.

  • U.S. Army Center of Military History (CMH) - reports to the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), is responsible for the appropriate use of history throughout the United States Army.

  • Army Dictionary Online - This database is an official Department of Defense (DOD) Web site, maintained by the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate in collaboration with the Joint Staff Directorate for Joint Force Development, and is part of the Joint Doctrine, Education, and Training Electronic Information System. While the database includes the same joint terms appearing in FM 1-02.1, readers should consult the DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms for up-to-date joint terminology. It is updated monthly to reflect the latest operational term changes published in new editions of Army doctrine publications (To access the database, click the link, and log in with a common access card.)

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