Friday, October 8, 2021

Important myPay Notice

myPay passwords expire every 150 days and you will be prompted to change it when you access myPay using your Login ID and password.  Please visit and log in to create a new password.

Your password must:

-  be 9 to 30 characters long
-  contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z)
-  contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z)
-  contain at least one number (0-9)
-  contain at least one of the following special characters: # @ $ % ^ ! * + = _
-  change at least four characters from your previous password

Your password cannot:

-  contain spaces
-  be one of your last five previous passwords

Here's one way to create a strong password you'll remember: Think of a sentence or phrase that's meaningful to you (i.e., my oldest son Zac will be 15 years old on May 30!).  Use the first letter of each word to create a password (i.e., mosZwb15yooM30!).  Then change some of the letters to similar special characters (i.e., mo$Zwb15yooM30!).  Warning: Do not use this example as your password. Now that it's been widely published, a hacker is likely to try it.  Your password must be 9-30 characters in length.

For your own protection, please avoid passwords that use dictionary words in any language, personal information (such as your name, birthday, driver's license or passport number), sequences or repeated characters (such as AaBb1234#), or adjacent letters on your keyboard (like Werty12@#).

Writing down passwords or saving them on your computer can expose them to loss or theft.  If you do choose to document your password, be sure to store it safely in a lockbox, or encrypt the document or file on your computer's hard drive.

myPay, like all DFAS systems, is a part of the DoD network and must follow DoD's cyber security requirements. While maintaining strong passwords can be a challenge, there is the bonus that your personal and pay information now has greater protection from potential unwelcomed intruders.


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