Wednesday, May 10, 2023

2023 Army Leaders' Survey: Rate the Quality of New Enlisted Soldiers

Maj. Gen. John D. Kline, CIMT commander, gives opening remarks at the grand opening of the Drill Sergeant Timothy Kay Soldier Performance Readiness Center, March 24.


Fellow Soldiers,I know your time is valuable, but this survey is important. I’m asking you to take about 10 minutes to give us your honest opinion about the quality of the New Soldiers we’re sending you from Basic Combat Training (BCT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and One Station Unit Training (OSUT). Our mission is to prepare the future fighting force of this Nation; your input is vital to our success.Check your army email for the link to the survey.The U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training (CIMT) conducts this survey every year, and we act on the information you provide. This is your opportunity to let us know if our actions are meeting your expectations. Based on past survey feedback you provided, we have made training physically and mentally tougher, increased discipline, re-emphasized shoot, move, communicate and protect/survive, and added more realistic field training exercises. Additionally, we are holding recruits to higher physical fitness standards.If you’re interested in the results of last year’s survey, please contact (email address deleted for OPSEC), and she’ll send you a summary.To reach the 2023 survey, please copy and paste the above link into your browser. If you encounter problems, contact Dr. Muraca for assistance.  Please take the survey, make comments, and encourage other leaders to take it as well.  It's important to us and the future of our Army.  Thanks,JOHN D. KLINEMajor General, U.S. ArmyCommanding


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