Tuesday, February 6, 2024

ARNG G1 Personnel Readiness Analyst Position Advertisement


The ARNG G1 Mission & Personnel Readiness Branch is looking to fill a Personnel Readiness Analyst position in the rank of 1LT-CPT with an individual who possesses a statistical and analytical background. If you are interested in joining a dynamic team, here are some things to know. A preferred candidate will be responsible for:

  • Providing comprehensive analysis, reports, and projections concerning ARNG personnel readiness for the ARNG G1 Operations Division.
  • Performing in-depth evaluations on unit deployability, strength, and readiness to create effective decision space for ARNG senior leaders.
  • Ensuring representation of ARNG G1 equities in the Army Strategic Readiness Assessment to the HQDA Director of Military Personnel Management, the Director of the Army National Guard and the Chief of Staff of the Army in all monthly readiness assessments, and the Reserve Component Readiness Review for the FORSCOM Commanding General.
  • Implementing a variety of data visualization techniques to support the personnel readiness reporting requirements of the DARNG, FORSCOM CG, and CSA.

Applicants should have experience in data analytics, data visualization, technical communication, and project management. Educational background in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math is preferred. Opportunities for professional military education and development are available for T10 ADOS/AGR Officers assigned to NGB.

ToD PID: 347866

If you are interested to learn more in becoming a Personnel Readiness Analyst, please reach out to the ARNG, G1 Personnel Readiness Section Chief, CPT Bryan Shapow at bryan.s.shapow.mil@army.mil with your civilian resume and ORB by 26 February 2024.


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