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S1NET Message Summary - 9 Feb 23

Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, awards Sgt. Kenneth Powell from the 231st Chemical Company with his coin at the mass casualty decontamination line during a training exercise at Guardian Response 18, at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Ind., April 14, 2018. More than 4,500 service members from 80 units across the country are participating in this training. This is an Army Total Force exercise where Soldiers from all three components must work together to respond effectively to a CBRN scenario.
(U.S. Army Reserve Photo by Staff Sgt. Carolyn Hawkins)


1. TAG SENDS: UPDATED HRC PROCESSES WITH IPPS-A, 8 FEB 23. From GB Gregory S. Johnson, The Adjutant General of the Army: Appreciate all those HR Warriors who are helping others through IPPSA GO Live and through all of our business. Lots of changes in our space and I thank you for getting after it! This is another Large and Lengthy TAG Sends here, but great info to use to keep the info flowing and create as much transparency on ops as possible. Please see below updates from the Human Resources Command to answer questions from the field in reference to IPPS-A processes. (Key points provided below, see the entire TAG Sends at the following link.):      a. TRANSPROC UPDATE. Transition Centers are now able to create and sign DD Form 214s and Separation Orders. The fixes scheduled this weekend were successful and MPDs started working through the backlog of DD Form 214s.      b. ORDERS PROCESS. NEW ASSIGNMENTS: (Post BOCO and beyond) – Assignments are conducted in IPPS-A. Once HRC sends an assignment (Soldier linked to a job opening) into the IPPS-A Talent Management Workcenter, the service member will receive an email notification directing them to log into IPPS-A to make their member elections (e.g., which dependents will be moving with the Soldier/Officer).  Once a Soldier makes their elections, the local MPD will validate and publish the orders in IPPS-A.      c. ORDERS PROCESS. HISTORICAL AND BOCO ASSIGNMENTS: (Pre-BOCO and assignments during BOCO) – HRC is loading all pre-BOCO and BOCO assignments into IPPS-A to allow for proper arrival and departure transactions within IPPS-A. As a general rule, this accounts for all officer RFOs published before 21 DEC 22, or enlisted AI sent to MPDs prior to 18 JAN 23, which should result in the MPDs publishing a hard copy set of orders upon receipt of the RFO or AI.      d. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS ACROSS ACOM AND OTHER INTERNAL-POST MOVES. Unlike legacy systems, IPPS-A does not allow installations (SMC G1/MPDs) to reassign personnel across ACOM/ASCC/DRU lines.  This requires HRC involvement in these type of reassignment actions. To facilitate cross Army Command (ACOM) and other internal-post reassignments, HRC provided a combined process as detailed on the attached (at above link) slide, AI Across ACOMs.      e. RETAIN. Approximately 17,000 requisitions (REQs) were added to RETAIN on 24 January and Option 4 & Option 5 (OCONUS & CONUS Station of Choice) are available for the field to use.  These requisitions are only in RETAIN and available to Career Counselors for retention actions.  Once a Soldier is placed against a REQ that REQ is no longer available for others.       f. IPPS-A MOBILE APP. There are only 168,000 Soldiers that downloaded the IPPS-A Mobile App. The IPPS-A mobile app is here and allows Soldiers to access their personnel records using a mobile phone or tablet. The app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  For additional information on mobile functions/capabilities and instructions on how to download the app, please visit the following link:      g. ABSENCE PAR PROCESS. Absences, formerly known as Leave and Passes, are for several different types of events. Absences can be chargeable, non-chargeable, or administrative. Members will continue to manage, maintain, or track accrued leave balances in My Pay.  See the Absence PAR FAQs for helpful references to processing Absence PARs. References on creating absence PARs are provided at the link above.      h. AWARDS PAR PROCESS. The Award Recommendation PAR and My Buddy PARs replace the DA Form 638 to process awards for Legion of Merit and below for Members within the recommender's chain of command. IPPS-A generates an order for all awards and directly uploads the orders to Soldiers’ records. The Awards and Decorations Branch (ADB) and IPERMS Teams are continuing to see award orders that are generated inside of IPPSA with the incorrect awards approval authority.  We are aware that there is no function in place that will prevent the HR Professional from assigning the incorrect approval authority. However, we recommend prior to an S1/HR Pro creating an approval workflow for an Awards PAR, refer to AR 600-8-22, Table 3-3 Delegation of awards approval authority to ensure you are assigning the correct approval authority for that award. 2. (UPDATED) FY23 AR TPU/IRR SFC NCO EVALUATION BOARD RESULTS. Attached at the following link are the updated board results for the FY23 AR/TPU SFC NCO Evaluation board. Corrections were made to the 88 and 89 CMF unit hierarchy. 3. IPPS-A QUESTIONS.  (If you can assist, please do so.)      a. RFO CONFIRMATION. How does the S1 track RFOs if the process is between IPPS-A, the Soldier and the MPD? Is there an alert or email for the Soldier's servicing S1 similar to the automated message/alerts we receive from HRC?      b. IPPS-A ABSENCE: EARLY SIGN IN / LATE SIGN OUT (RECOUP DAYS). How can SMs recoup their unused leave days if they either signed in early or signed out late?      c. ASI SORTING IN IPSS-A. Team, After looking through the user guide and attempting with my BDE S1 team we collectively are at a loss.  ASIs are currently sorted in the system alphabetically so when individuals have multiple ASI the two that are listed as #1 Primary and #2 Primary are auto sorted and the rest are listed as #3 alternate.  How does the HR professional re-sort the ASI so the #1 and #2 are listed by ranking/importance?      d. TDY EN-ROUTE PCS ABSENCE REQUEST. How do you complete an absence request for TDY en-route to PCS location from OCONUS? TDY en-route is for a 9 week course at a different location than PCS location (Both CONUS).      e. CUSTOMIZE (HRAR REPORT). Does anyone know how to customize the HRAR Report to narrow what actually populates? Trying to pull a simple AA-162 like report and there's just so many columns that aren't needed. I basically just want to know if there's a customization of the HRAR Report to where you get the columns you move around to stay in place every time you pull it OR just isolating the ones you actually want to populate. 4. ARMY RESERVE FLAG SNAPSHOT JANUARY 2023. The Army Reserve Flag snapshot for the month of January is attached.  Commands may access their specific flag data in RCMS (CSMM) under Presentations. 5. BRANCH/COMMAND ITEMS.      a. AGCRA NEWSLETTER # 55. In this edition: New AGCRA Chapters, AGCRA Sun City Chapter AG Ruck, AGCRA Gold Vault Chapter Scholarship Program, TRANSPROC DD 214 Update, and AGCRA Gold Vault Chapter Valentine's Luncheon.      b. ARMY LEADER EXCHANGE - JANUARY BULLETIN. From US Army Combined Arms Center - The Army Leader Exchange (ALx) provides professional development content to help steward the Army profession by engaging and informing leaders. The January 2023 bulletin was recently published and includes tool to help you "tackle training management" from Company to Brigade levels.      c. THEATER INFORMATION ADVANTAGE DETACHMENT (TIAD) 28 FEBRUARY – 2 MARCH 2023 SOURCING CONFERENCE CALLING MESSAGE. During the period of 28 Feb – 02 Mar 2023 USARPAC Theater Information Detachment (TIAD) will conduct a sourcing conference to identify, direct and align required compo 2 (National Guard) and compo 3 (Army Reserve), Information Operations (IO), Civil Affairs (CA), Cyberspace (CY), Intelligence (INTEL), ORSA and PSYOP capabilities to augment and support USARPAC TIAD’s OAIS and exercises during FY23-26. The forum for this event will be completely virtual via MS Teams and will be at the unclassified level. Prior to 21 Feb 2023, each participating organization is to provide contact information for 1 staff representative to participate to the virtual three-day event. 6. Recently published DOD and Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. None. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link. 7. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages.  All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at 8. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 3 FEB 23). Hot openings listed at the following link.       a. ADJUTANT SGM | WIESBADEN CLAY KS | E-9 | 11Z | S | ASAP | 365 DAYS.       b. PETROLEUM TECHNICIAN | WIESBADEN CLAY KS | W-2/3 | 923A | SECRET | ASAP | 365 DAYS.        c. FIELD ARTILLERY, GENERAL | WIESBADEN CLAY KS | O-4/5 | 13A | TS/SCI | ASAP | 365 DAYS.        d.  AVN FMS CASE MANAGER | BAGHDAD | O-4 |15A | S | ASAP | 365 DAYS.  9. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.      a. FIRST SERGEANT (1SG) VACANCY, USAR STRATEGIC CMD (TPU), 00G5M, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO.      b. HHD, 1394TH TRANSPORTATION SURFACE BRIGADE DETACHMENT COMMANDER (USAR TPU), CAMP PENDLETON, CA.      c. 455TH ENGINEER COMPANY, 321ST ENG BN, TPU, 1LT/CPT, 12A, COMPANY COMMANDER, HAYDEN, ID.      d. SECURITY FORCE ASSISTANCE COMMAND (SFAC), COADOS, MAJ/02A00, TRAINING OFFICER, FORT BRAGG, NC.      e. HQ, U.S. ARMY EUROPE & AFRICA (USAREUR-AF) G3 - CPT/MAJ ADOS VACANCIES - WIESBADEN, GERMANY.      f. ARNG-G1 PERSONNEL DIVISION, NATIONAL GUARD BUREAU, ADOS, SSG/42B, ARLINGTON, VA.      g. B COMPANY, 3RD BATTALION, 20TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (AIRBORNE), MDAY, MAJ, 18A, COMPANY COMMANDER, ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC. 10.  CIVILIAN JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS. Units/organizations who wish to advertise GS positions, GS 12-15, may post them at the following link on S1NET.  Positions posted per the instructions provided will then be listed once in an S1NET message.      a. AUDITOR, GS-0511-12, U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, NASHVILLE, TN.


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