Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Invitation to onboard to Mobile Application Management (MAM)

National Guard and Reserve Teammates, 


Mobile Application Management (MAM) with Microsoft Intune is now available to the National Guard and Reserve!  MAM adds an additional capability for mobile work that allows the use of Army 365 on a personal phone.  With MAM, apps such as Outlook and Teams are local to your device providing you great app performance and the ability to communicate easily on the move.  


A few notes on the usage of MAM: 


  1. Use of MAM is completely voluntary.  You can't be forced to use a personal device for work.
  2. Due to security requirements, we have limited the types of devices that can use MAM.  You must use an iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel running the latest operating system.  
  3. Signing a specific user agreement is required. 
  4. MAM is configured for maximum privacy.  
    1. The Army can't see: call history, web history, email content and messages, exact location, contacts, passwords, calendar, personal data such as photos, videos, and chats.
    2. The Army can see:  device information such as operating system, model, device ID, and your Army 365 account information.


To onboard to MAM, use a NIPR/AVD system and go to:  After signing up you will receive additional instructions via email and you will be added to the Army 365 MAM Team. If you require support, please use the Army 365 MAM Team Service Desk channel. 


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