Saturday, April 24, 2021

Month of the Military Child

To the Soldiers and Airmen of the National Guard:

April is the Month of the Military Child, a time to specifically honor the sacrifices of military families around the world.  No one who wears the cloth of our Nation serves alone; we rely on the support of our families, friends, and loved ones to bear the responsibilities of being a citizen-warrior.  Being a military child comes with its own struggles and sacrifices; they do not choose to serve our Nation, yet they are born into a life of service.  They know the heartbreak of saying goodbye before a long deployment, the frustration of promises that can’t be kept, and the necessity of taking on additional responsibilities at home.  But through their experiences, they gain remarkable resilience.  They see their parents setting an example of hard work and devotion to a cause greater than themselves.  They learn to be proud of their Nation and the men and women who serve.  They learn to be leaders in their communities.  And they learn the power and the beauty in the words “Welcome home.”  This message is for them:

To the Children of our National Guard Soldiers and Airmen:

Thank you for being part of our National Guard family and playing a very important role in our success.  Thank you for being tough through deployments, even when you miss your parents or guardians terribly.  Thank you for forgiving us when we miss birthday parties, soccer games, school activities, and recitals.  Thank you for being understanding about the drill weekends that mean less time with the people you love; it’s to help us be ready when our Nation needs us most. 

Thank you for making us stronger through your support and through your love.  You don’t know how many times we think of you over the course of the day, and how much we want to make you proud.  It’s not always easy being a military child, but you’re a very important part of our team.  We’ll keep trying to make the world safer and our Nation stronger, so you can have a brighter future.  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish.  Thank you for helping us be Always Ready, Always There! 




Daniel R. Hokanson

General, U.S. Army

Chief, National Guard Bureau




Tony L. Whitehead

Senior Enlisted Advisor

National Guard Bureau


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