Saturday, April 10, 2021

Temporary Suspension of ETP TA Funding

 Date Published: 9 Apr 21

1. For classes that start 23 April 2021 and later, HQ ACCESS is temporarily suspending exception to policy (ETP) Tuition Assistance (TA) funding.  This change supersedes all previous ETP guidance, including the 10 business days after the launch of the TA program in ArmyIgnitED ETP timeframe.

2. HQ ACCESS is developing a new ETP process that will be initiated if the TA program is further delayed.  HQ ACCESS will provide additional information to Soldiers about the updated ETP process after it is finalized. 

3. Soldiers who enroll in classes that start 23 April 2021 and later without ETP TA approval will not receive retroactive TA.  Soldiers will have to use alternate funding if they choose to take classes without ETP TA approval.  Soldiers enrolled in classes beginning 23 April 2021 and later should contact their EI to discuss withdrawing from these classes if they do not want to pay out-of-pocket.

4. Soldiers whose classes start from 8 March 2021 through 22 April 2021 will still be provided ETP TA funding if TA eligible (e.g., not Flagged, have TA remaining for FY).   Once the TA program is back on line in ArmyIgnitED, Soldiers must take the following steps to request ETP TA for classes beginning 8 March 2021 through 22 April 2021:

a. Soldiers must check their ArmyIgnitED TA education record to ensure that they have an approved Education Path (formerly known as a home school and degree plan). 

b. If an approved Education Path does not exist, Soldiers must submit an Education Path and have it approved by an Army Education Counselor and their EI within ArmyIgnitED before they can receive ETP TA.  Soldiers can find a how-to-guide for submitting an Education Path in the ArmyIgnitED Soldier Help Center.

c. Once an Education Path has been approved, Soldiers should submit an ETP request via an ArmyIgnitED ServiceNow helpdesk case using the "Other" case category.  Soldiers should include the EI name, class catalog acronym/number, class name, and class start/end dates for all classes in the case. Soldiers whose EI submitted a list of enrollments eligible for an ETP to HQ ACCESS do not have to submit an ETP request via an ArmyIgnitED Service helpdesk case; however, Soldiers who want to verify whether their EI submitted their enrollments should submit a case requesting this information.

d. The ETP request helpdesk case will be escalated to a Soldier's assigned Army Education Center/Office.  Once received, the Army Education Center/Office will verify that all required information is present in the helpdesk case and then escalate the case to HQ ACCESS for submission of the TA Request (TAR).

e. After receiving the helpdesk case, HQ ACCESS will verify that a Soldier's EI has electronically uploaded the Soldier's enrollment file to ArmyIgnitED. This enrollment file must be uploaded before a TAR can be submitted.  HQ ACCESS will contact the EI if the electronic enrollment file has not been uploaded.

f. After HQ ACCESS submits the TAR, the TAR will route to the Soldier's assigned Army Education Center/Office for approval.  The Soldier will receive an email notification when the TAR has been approved.

5. Soldiers with questions about this updated ETP TA guidance should contact their Army Education Center/Office directly or submit an ArmyIgnitED helpdesk case AFTER the TA program comes back on line.

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