Friday, September 16, 2022

New Products from CALL

CALL’s main effort remains our TRADOC Europe collection and analysis team (CAAT). We have sent our third rotation of CAAT members to select locations in Germany to observe lessons and best practices associated with U.S. Army operations in response to the situation in Ukraine. Army Senior Leaders are reviewing our initial reports from this collection, as well as our analysis of verified open source intelligence from the actual fight. In a few weeks, I expect the approval to release the reports and we will post them on a SIPRnet website for access. On 28 July 22, the HQDA DCS G-3/5/7 released HQDA EXORD 193-22 Army Lessons Learned Annual Plan (ALLAP) Fiscal Year 2023 via electronic message. This is the FY23 start point for the Army’s lessons learned effort not just for CALL, but also for the Centers of Excellence and Army units. We know that most plans do not survive first contact, so there is built in flexibility to adjust our focus topics and collection efforts based on Army Senior Leader guidance. While our main focus is on Europe, we are also preparing to collect during combat training center (CTC) program events this fall. We will send CAATs to Mission Command Training Program Warfighter Exercise 23-2 (22 Sep – 4 Oct) and National Training Center Rotation 23-02 (Also known as JPMRC 23-1). CTC events remain an invaluable source of large-scale combat operations observations and lessons, and we will continue our close relationship with the CTCs throughout the year. We are also working in close coordination with Army Futures Command to inform the modernization effort and will support the Project Convergence 22 exercise at several CONUS locations from 3 Oct to 10 Nov. In closing, I hope everyone enjoyed some well-deserved vacation time over the summer. Now it’s time to get back into the business of driving positive Army change! ---------------------------------Other Announcements--------------------------------- 1. Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) Large-Scale Combat Operations Panel Discussion. JRTC and Fort Polk will conduct a "Large-Scale Combat Operations Panel" 15 September 2022 at 1020-1120 (EST) as part of the 2022 Maneuver Warfighter Conference. The panel will feature former JRTC Commanders of Operations Group: MG(P) Bernabe, MG Doyle, BG Curl, MG LaNeve, BG Gardner, and COL Saslav. The panel will be presented via MS Teams and pre-registration is required at For more Information contact Keri Brandt at or 337-353-2042. 2. JRTC has also asked that individuals complete a brief two-question survey to ensure this panel covers topics of interest to their audience. The survey can be accessed at 3. The update to Field Manual 3-0, Operations, will be available on the Army Publishing Directorate website on 1 October 2022. The manual will establish multidomain operations as the Army's operational concept. Best Practice Submissions: --------------------------------- 22-743 Operationalizing the Protection Prioritized List. Posted On: 25 Aug 2022. URL: During Warfighter 22-4, the 40th Infantry Division honed its skills in synchronizing movement and maneuver with the sustainment and protection warfighting functions. Here, the division developed a best practice of operationalizing the protection prioritized list and aligning it with the air tasking order framework. Newest Documents and Publications: ---------------------------------------------- 22-06 People First Task Force: Integrating People and Training -- Considerations and Best Practices. Posted On: 15 Aug 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: This handbook compiles best practices and tools that can be used by leaders to improve the integration of people and training. The handbook is not regulatory or mandatory; leaders are empowered to use the tools in the handbook to complement their own unit-specific People First strategies and initiatives. By integrating people into training, leaders can enhance the cohesiveness of their teams and foster an environment where all are treated with dignity and respect. 22-735 Tank Companies: Considerations and References for Task Organization. Posted On: 25 Aug 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: The National Training Center has observed units without organic armor receive task organized tank companies and struggle with rapidly integrating or planning for the sustainment of tanks. This article can assist units in reception, integration, and planning for task-organized tanks. 22-732 Fusing Data into a Battle Damage Assessment for the Commander. Posted On: 02 Sep 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: This article supplements Army doctrine by describing all elements of battle damage assessment (BDA) to help analysts provide commanders with more than just the number of systems removed from the battlefield. It provides recommendations for training and organizing the G-2T section, highlighting the most effective ways to conduct BDA that support both targeting and the commander's decision-making process. 22-731 Using the Force Design Update Process to Establish an Expeditionary Sustainment Command. Posted On: 22 Aug 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: Long-term planning is essential to sustaining large-scale combat operations and mitigating the effects of dispersion, disruption of communication lines, and accelerated operational tempo. The 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC), the largest forward-deployed ESC in the Army, operates on the Korean peninsula with multiple no-fail, real-world mission sets. The 19th ESC identified a long-range planning horizon shortfall within the organization that hindered the ability to conduct long-term (deliberate) planning and analysis of operations. This document discusses how the force design update process can be used to establish an ESC G-5 plans section. 22-736 Joint Warfighting Assessment Newsletter August 2022. Posted On: 23 Aug 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: In April 2022, the 3rd Infantry Division, 1st Cavalry Division, and 40th Infantry Division participated in Warfighter Exercise (WFX) 22-04 as members of the III Armored Corps. A key component of this WFX was Joint Warfighting Assessment (JWA) 2022, sponsored by Joint Modernization Command and supported by the Combined Arms Center. WFX 22-04/JWA 22 was the first of several Army-wide training and assessments to assess the effectiveness, capability, and capacity of the Army-designed Armored Division of 2030 as a decisive unit of action, prioritized for organizational and technological transformation. This publication shares initial lessons identified in the application of enhanced capabilities that enable division-level shaping operations. 22-716 U.S Army South Exercise SOUTHERN VANGUARD 22 Integrated Deterrence in the Western Hemisphere. Posted On: 25 Aug 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: U.S. Army South’s SOUTHERN VANGUARD series of exercises are designed to enhance relationships, promote mutual military readiness, improve interoperability, and establish the foundation for lasting integrated deterrence with select partner nations in the United States Southern Command area of responsibility. This second iteration with the Brazilian Army was unique in that this exercise not only committed the largest U.S. Army conventional force ever sent to train in Brazil, but it also integrated two separate national exercises into one. Additionally, it established command and control under a battalion-level combined task force headquarters, versus under a lead nation with normal exchange of liaison officers between armies for interoperability. 22-737 Warfighter Exercise 22-5 Post-Exercise Report. Posted On: 29 Aug 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: The Warfighter 22-5 Post-Exercise Report contains key highlights and observations covering gaps, trends, and best practices identified in the exercise. v/r, SCOTT W. MUELLER COL, AR Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned


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