Thursday, September 22, 2022

TRADOC Europe Collection Reports Available

Since February, our CALL updates have mentioned the TRADOC Europe Collection. Over 50 subject matter experts from across the TRADOC Centers of Excellence and other U.S. Army organizations have been observing operations in the USAREUR-AF area of responsibility in response to the situation in Ukraine. We have collected hundreds of observations across all warfighting functions initially on crisis action planning, then shifted to the unique mission sets for 18th ABN and V Corps as they operated in the competition and crisis continuum. We worked closely with the TRADOC G-2 to analyze open source and other information on the actual conflict in Ukraine to identify the "so what" implications for the U.S. Army. CALL's priority effort with the TRADOC Europe Collection will continue for the foreseeable future, and we are starting to disseminate reports once Army Senior Leaders review the key observations and findings and determine any follow-up actions related to the reports. Information about accessing our classified reports can be found at We will continue to populate this site with additional reports once Army Senior Leaders clear the reports for release. We will announce additional reports added to the site in our monthly CALL email update.


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