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S1NET Message Summary - 24 Jan 23

1. A MESSAGE TO THE ARMY COMMUNITY ABOUT THE SOLDIER REFERRAL PROGRAM. From the Secretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff of the Army, and the Sergeant Major of the Army (including a memo from the ASA M&RA):   When duty calls, our Army stands ready. Right now, your Army needs you! We face the most challenging recruiting environment since the establishment of our All-Volunteer Force in 1973, but our goal has not changed: to recruit America's best and brightest volunteers. We call on you to ensure quality Soldiers serve on our team and continue the legacy of service so that we remain the best trained, best led, and best equipped Army in the world. Army mission success depends on our ability to remain manned, ready, and able to fight and win! We have created a network of initiatives to help recruit and retain our Nation's best talent, including two referral incentives driven by Soldier suggestions:      a. Army Recruiting Ribbon (see para 2 below). All Soldiers will be eligible to earn the new Army Recruiting Ribbon for a valid referral of someone who both enlists and ships to Army Initial Military Training (IMT). This honor may be awarded up to four times, as indicated with a numerical device added to the ribbon. Soldiers in the grades of E-4 or E-5 receive 10 promotion points for each award of the ribbon, up to a total of 40 promotion points.      b. Early Promotion. Under the Soldier Referral Program (SRP) Pilot, Soldiers in the grades of E-1, E-2, and E-3 may receive one rank advancement for providing a valid referral of someone who both enlists and ships to Army IMT. Soldiers may receive only one advancement for participation in this initiative throughout their entire careers, initiated within 60 days of the referred Soldier shipping to IMT.      c. You are our greatest asset. We ask you to tell the Army story-to tell your story and help other Americans understand the valuable opportunities our Army has to offer. We remain committed to maintaining our standards, investing in America's youth, and recruiting the quality Soldiers our Army needs to fight and win our Nation's wars.      d. Implementation guidance is forthcoming via MILPER message. 2. ARMY DIRECTIVE 2023-01, ARMY RECRUITING RIBBON PROGRAM, 20 JAN 23. This policy incentivizes support to recruiting efforts through the award of the Army Recruiting Ribbon and associated promotion points. This program provides increased recruiting awareness throughout the Army and encourages Soldiers to embed themselves within their communities to share their Army stories. It may also help to identify junior Soldiers who are best suited for recruiting duty as they advance in rank.      a. Effective immediately, the Army Recruiting Ribbon will be awarded to all Soldiers who provide a valid referral to the U.S. Army of an individual who both enlists and ships to Army Initial Military Training (IMT) (see information on the Soldier Referral Program, para 2 below).      b. Soldiers may receive the Army Recruiting Ribbon up to four times during their career. Additional awards are identified with a numerical device added to the ribbon.      c. At each award of the Army Recruiting Ribbon, Soldiers will be awarded 10 points toward promotion to E-5/E-6. Soldiers may receive up to 40 total promotion points for four valid referrals.      d. Award Authority. Referrals will be submitted through the chain of command for approval. The U.S. Army Recruiting Command is responsible for validating referral and departure of the trainee to IMT. The Soldier’s battalion commander is the approval authority for award of the Army Recruiting Ribbon and will provide a memorandum to serve as supporting documentation of the award.      e. Implementation guidance is forthcoming via MILPER message. 3. IPPS-A POST GO LIVE ARMY WIDE PERSONNEL ASSET INVENTORY (PAI).  See MILPER Message 23-032, summarized below, which requires this PAI will be conducted between 16 February and 18 March 2023. 4. NEW CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER OF THE AG CORPS. As announced by Chief of the AG Corps/AG School Commandant, COL Chesley D. Thigpen, CW5 Chad G. Bowen, currently serving as the V Corps Senior HR Tech, has been selected to serve as the 9th Chief Warrant Officer of the AG Corps. CW5 Bowen is an exceptional AG Warrant Officer with an incredible reputation, and brings to the position over 32 years of experience and expertise while serving in a wide variety of operational positions across the globe. CW5 Bowen will assume responsibility from CW5 Mark Hickman in a change of responsibility ceremony at the Soldier Support Institute, tentatively scheduled for July 13, 2023.  Bio’s for both CW5 Bowen and CW5 Hickman are posted at the following link on S1NET 5. UNIT ADMINS- PLEASE REVIEW YOUR R/A FLAGS. From HRC Flags Proponent: We are aware of a few instances where IPPS-A logic for calculating the admin non-deployable time (180 consecutive days or 180 non-consecutive days in a 360 day period) for auto generation of the R/A flag is POTENTIALLY in error. Please review any R/A flags that were system generated by IPPS-A for accuracy. Any flags noted that are questionable, please notify this office. 6. IPPS-A QUESTIONS.  (If you can assist, please do so.)      a. COMMISSIONING SOURCE. “I am looking for a way in either IPPS-A or DPRO to pull down a report for the entire state (ARNG) that would show the commissioning source for all officers.” 7. BRANCH/COMMAND ITEMS.      a. USAR COMPANY COMMANDER FIRST SERGEANT COURSE (CCFSC) MATERIAL UPDATES. A board (CTSSB) was held to update the POI for the USAR Company Commander First Sergeant Course. One of the blocks of instruction added, based on previous student feedback and board voting, was "Establish Continuity of Command/Leader's Book." Students are provided the tools for establishing and maintaining continuity with preceding and succeeding command teams, as well as integration with the next higher organizational echelon. I'm in the process of updating the presentation and products for the delivery of instruction. I wanted to survey the field to see if anybody had any input for the discussion, or products that were useful to them. 8. Recently published DOD and Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. None. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link. 9. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages.  All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at      a. MILPER MESSAGE 23-030, AGR OFFICER PROMOTION SEQUENCE NUMBERS FOR FEBRUARY 2023, ISSUED: [1/20/2023 5:53:04 PM]. This message announces the USAR AGR officer promotion sequence numbers for February 2023.      b. MILPER MESSAGE 23-031, AC OFFICER PROMOTION SEQUENCE NUMBERS FOR FEBRUARY 2023, ISSUED: [1/20/2023 5:56:19 PM]. This message announces the AC officer promotion sequence numbers for February 2023.      c. MILPER MESSAGE 23-032, FY2023 IPPS-A POST GO LIVE ARMY WIDE PERSONNEL ASSET INVENTORY (PAI), ISSUED: [1/20/2023 6:03:15 PM]. The IPPS-A Go Live Validation PAI will be conducted between 16 February and 18 March 2023.  Each Active Component (AC), Deployed and Garrison Units including Community Based Health Care Organizations (CBHCO) and Medical Retention Processing Units (MRPU) will conduct a Post Go Live PAI. The window for units to conduct the Post Go Live PAI will open NET 16 February and must be complete NLT 18 March 2023. Unit Commanders will follow PAI procedures IAW AR 600-8-6, Ch. 5, while using the IPPS-A Readiness Roster in place of the AAA-162. See the message for additional information. 10. S1NET MEMBER/UNIT CONTRIBUTIONS. The following unit/individually developed products or information have been contributed to S1NET for the use and benefit of all members/units. These products have not been reviewed nor sanctioned by TRADOC or the AG School, and may be specific to the unit/component/location.      a. IPPS-A FRIENDLY MANNING DOCUMENT. “Attached is an updated MOSI formatted to accompany reports from our new IPPS-A system and the new Adhoc reporting OBIEE system. The goal of this was to create a document that is easily manipulated and copied as HR professionals and units get accustomed to IPPS-A.” Contributed by SSG Michael Roman. 11. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 20 JAN 23). Hot openings listed at the following link.       a. ADJUTANT SGM | WIESBADEN CLAY KS | E-9 | 11Z | S | ASAP | 365 DAYS.       b. PETROLEUM TECHNICIAN | WIESBADEN CLAY KS | W-2/3 | 923A | SECRET | ASAP | 365 DAYS.        c. FIELD ARTILLERY, GENERAL | WIESBADEN CLAY KS | O-4/5 | 13A | TS/SCI | ASAP | 365 DAYS.        d.  AVN FMS CASE MANAGER | BAGHDAD | O-4 |15A | S | ASAP | 365 DAYS.  12. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.      a. 445TH CIVIL AFFAIRS BATTALION, TPU, E4-E8 & O2-O4, CIVIL AFFAIRS NCOS AND OFFICERS, MOUNTAIN VIEW/MARINA, CA.      b. 620TH COMBAT SUSTAINMENT SUPPORT BATTALION, E7/E8, 92A/92F, 1SG POSITIONS, MO AND KS.      c. ADOS USAFRICOM J2, M-DAY E7 ENLISTED/ 03 OFFICER LOCATION KELLY BARRACKS STUTTGART, GERMANY.      d. TPU VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS (COL/90A), 310TH SUSTAINMENT COMMAND (EXPEDITIONARY), INDIANAPOLIS, IN.      e. A CO, 372D MI BN, TPU, CPT/35A, COMPANY COMMANDER VACANCY, FRASER, MI. 13.  CIVILIAN JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS. Units/organizations who wish to advertise GS positions, GS 12-15, may post them at the following link on S1NET.  Positions posted per the instructions provided will then be listed once in an S1NET message.      a. JOINT ACTIVITIES, VACANT GS-0343-12, PROGRAM ANALYST, FORT BRAGG, NC.      b. JOINT ACTIVITIES, VACANCY, GS-0301-12, SHARP PROGRAM MANAGER, FORT BRAGG, NC.


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