Friday, April 26, 2024

MILPER Number: 24-149 Fiscal Year 2026 (FY26) Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Army Competitive Category (ACC) Centralized Selection List (CSL) Announcement

1. Changes from CSL25 Process. In CSL26, a Delayed Principal may exist if the Army postpones a CSL26 Principal from taking command in CSL26 to CSL27. This action is no fault of the officer and they will maintain their OML position in CSL27. 

2. This MILPER message will expire NLT 30 April 2025 (one year from publication).

3. Concept. The CSL26 process will occur in four phases. The first phase begins on 20 May 2024 when eligible officers will have the opportunity to OPT-IN to CSL26. Once officers have elected to compete for CSL, the Army will determine the invitation list for BCAP 26 using each officer’s past performance against the total requirements for each branch. The second phase consists of participation at BCAP 26 from 18 October thru 11 November 2024 and encompasses the Job Performance Panel (JPP). The JPP considers officers who are Certified for Command (CFC) and considers the totality of their file to determine the OML. The third phase consists of slating officers against Army requirements. The fourth and final phase is the CSA’s approval of the CSL Slate.


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