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Unit 8 Quiz: Firing Devices | S-130 Firefighter Training (Online Component) 2008 v2

  1. Fusees burn [phosphorus] contained within the body of the device, burning very hot (1,400° F or 760° C), and easily igniting grass, twigs, leaves, and other light fuels.

  2. Fusees burn at 1,400° F or 760° C, but there’s more than heat to this potentially hazardous device. Identify TWO fusee hazards.
    • Toxic fumes
    • Splattering phosphorous slag

  3.  All of the following are drip torch hazards, EXCEPT
    • poisonous fumes

  4.  The fuel mixture you will typically use in the drip-torch tank is [four] parts diesel fuel to [one] part gasoline.

  5. Sometimes firefighters may have to burn out without a drip torch or fusee. Identify FOUR items you could use in the field to burn out with.
    • Burning leaves or needles placed in unburned fuel with a shovel
    • Burning branches
    • Burning rag wrapped around a stick
    • Matches or a cigarette lighter

  6.  You’ve spilled fuel on your clothes while preparing to store the drip torch. Identify the procedure you should take with your clothes.
    • Change out of any fuel-contaminated clothes and wash them before wearing again

  7.  Identify TWO steps for preparing a drip torch for its next use.
    • Extinguishing the wick or let it burn dry
    • Allowing the entire unit to cool to ambient temperature

  8.  All of the following techniques for operating a drip torch encourage safety, EXCEPT
    • igniting the torch wick with a lighter or match.


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