Monday, November 15, 2021

Letter to the Force - Veterans Day

To the Soldiers, Airmen, and Families of the National Guard

Only one percent of the American population serves our Nation in uniform.  Only one percent leave their families, their homes, and the small daily comforts of their lives to protect our Nation and defend her from tyranny.  Only one percent knows the sacrifices inherent in our profession of arms—yet fully embraces those sacrifices as necessary to sustain our American way of life.  This Veterans Day, we honor that one percent and salute all who have served our Nation.

But our veterans have never served alone.  Those who see our sacrifices firsthand are our spouses, children, parents, grandparents, family, and friends.  They pick up the slack at home, spend birthdays and anniversaries alone, singlehandedly manage the demands of everyday life, and make numerous sacrifices so we can focus on the defense of our Nation.

Although they may not carry the title of veteran, they are often the ones whose support and sacrifices make our service possible.  We share the honor of this day with them.

On this Veterans Day – and every day – we thank our veterans and remember those whose sacrifices are critical to our service and our Nation’s defense.  As a team, our service members and those who support us ensure we remain “Always Ready, Always There!”


Daniel R. Hokanson
General, U.S. Army
Chief, National Guard Bureau                                                                        

Tony L. Whitehead
SEA, U.S. Air Force
National Guard Bureau



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