Monday, January 10, 2022

Has Sexual Harassment in the military become more or less of a problem?

In your opinion, has sexual harassment in the military become more or less of a problem?

Now is your opportunity to confidentially share your opinions on this topic and more with National Guard senior leaders, DoD leadership, and members of Congress to inform policy decisions, improve trainings, and address issues that impact you and those you serve with.

TO PARTICIPATE:  Go to from any personal or government computer or mobile device to add your voice to the thousands of Guardsmen who have already responded.  You can even respond from your smartphone.

Your personal and secure Ticket Number has been emailed to your DoD email.  Please know that this effort has received the highest certificate of confidentiality available to the Department.  Your responses will be kept completely confidential.  No one, including anyone in your chain of command, will be able to identify you or how you answered any questions. 

We rely on accurate information from people like you to know what is really going on throughout the Force.  I hope you share your honest feedback with us today, both positive and negative.

Thank you for your time and for providing your honest feedback.


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