Friday, June 10, 2022

S1NET Message Summary - 10 Jun 22

1. FY23 ARMY RESERVE TPU/IRR SFC NCO EVALUATION BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT. The board will convene o/a 1 November 2022 and will review all eligible SFC records in their PRIMARY MOS only for the purpose of creating an Order of Merit List (OML) to facilitate a myriad of human resource decisions. These management decisions include selection for training to attend the Master Leader Course (MLC) for the purpose of satisfying the Army's Select, Train, Educate, Promote (STEP) policy. 2. 23-02 MISSION ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS (MER). The 23-02 Mission Essential Requirements (MER) is now open! Unit leaders and HR staff can visit “Our Vacancies” in AIM2.0 now through Aug. 15th to request replacements for officers and warrant officers leaving their formations between Apr. 2023 and Sep. 2023. 3. AC FLAG SNAPSHOT - MAY 2022. HRC can provide a drill down, by unit, installation and individual at the request of COL Commanders and above. 4. IPPS-A ITEMS.      a. IPPS-A WEBINAR SERIES: PAYROLL ABSENCES - 15 JUN 2022. Attached is the CONOP for the IPPS-A Webinar on Payroll Absences that will be conducted on 15 JUN 2022. During this webinar, the IPPS-A FMD Training Team will introduce users to submission, approvals, and management of absences as well as a deep dive into the PCS In-Transit Grid.  A demonstration will also be provided by an FMD SME.      b. HRC ACADEMY WORKFLOW TRAINING - 8 JUN 2022. On 08 Jun 2022, the IPPS-A FMD Team conducted HRC Academy Workflow Training. The training session introduced an in-depth overview of Workflow and its capabilities. The FMD Training Team also provided a live demonstration on how to create a UDL, a workflow template, cloning a workflow template, stacking templates and notifications (how does an action get back to the Soldier/unit). 5. DTAS 3.6.12 MOBILE RELEASE. The DTAS 3.6.12 mobile upgrade has been released and is available by request. 6. ARMY RESERVE PAY MESSAGE 22-14, MAY 2022 UNIT PAY REPORTS. The May 2022 Unit Commander’s Pay Management Report (UCPMR) and the May 2022 Master Military Pay Account (MMPA) 2405 reports are available in RLAS for downloading. 7. Recently published DOD and Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. None. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link. 8. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages.  All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at      a. MILPER MESSAGE 22-211, FY23 AND FY24 COLONEL (COL) AND LIEUTENANT COLONEL (LTC) FUNCTIONAL AREA 50 (FA 50) KEY NOMINATIVE BILLET (KNB) SELECTION PANEL ANNOUNCEMENT, ISSUED: [6/6/2022 4:45:49 PM]. The Functional Area 50 (FA50) Key Nominative Billet (KNB) process now fully aligns with the Army Talent Management Task Force’s (ATMTF) Army Talent Alignment Process (ATAP) and the Army’s Centralized Selection List (CSL) process. FA50 no longer executes an “all-in” panel to fill its KNBs. FA50 now executes an “opt-out” panel. All candidates who wish to “opt-out” of the FY23 and FY24 KNB Panel must do so through the AIM portal (My information tab) 20JUN-15JUL22.      b. MILPER MESSAGE 22-212, AMENDMENT OFFICER AND WARRANT OFFICER PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION (PCS) GUIDANCE DURING THE LEGACY HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) SYSTEMS BROWNOUT AND CUTOVER (BOCO), ISSUED: [6/6/2022 4:50:15 PM]. This message amends paragraph 3 of MILPER Message 22-209. See the message for changes.      c. MILPER MESSAGE 22-213, PROFESSOR, UNITED STATES ARMY WAR COLLEGE (USAWC), ISSUED: [6/6/2022 4:53:59 PM]. This message announces officer assignment opportunities in Functional Area 47W (FA 47W—War College Professor) at the United States Army War College (USAWC) at Carlisle Barracks, PA.      d. MILPER MESSAGE 22-214, PROFESSOR, UNITED STATES ARMY WAR COLLEGE (USAWC) IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND OPERATIONS (DMSPO), ISSUED: [6/6/2022 4:55:50 PM]. This message announces officer assignment opportunities in Functional Area 47W (FA 47W—War College Professor) at the United States Army War College (USAWC) at Carlisle Barracks, PA in the Department of Military Strategy, Planning, and Operations (DMSPO).      e. MILPER MESSAGE 22-215, PURPLE HEART FOR PERFORATED EARDRUM, ISSUED: [6/8/2022 10:56:37 AM]. Effective immediately, the U.S. Army will recognize a perforated eardrum (ruptured tympanic membrane) as a qualifying injury for award of the PH provided all requirements listed in this message are met. 9. S1NET MEMBER REQUESTS. The following S1NET member requests/questions are pending.  If you can assist, please do so.      a. ARNG ONLY: TRANSITIONING TSP ACCOUNTS WHEN HIRING AGRs. I frequently get questions about TSP from our AGR new-hires who had a TSP account while they were M-day Soldiers who are then transitioned to become AGR. When AGRs are hired in the ARNG, they switch pay systems from DJMS-RC to DJMS-AC. This transaction is processed at our pay branch as a "separation" from DJMS-RC and an "accession" into DJMS-AC. When this happens, their TSP account appears to vanish. Anyone know why? 10. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 3 JUN 22). Hot openings listed at the following link.      a. COE CHIEF | ABU DHABI, UAE | O5 | 14A | SECRET | ASAP | 365 DAYS.      b. SOCIAL MEDIA NCO 1 | ARIFJAN, KUWAIT | E7 | 46S | SECRET | JUN2022 | 365 DAYS.      c. J3 JOINT OPS CENTER CHIEF | AL UDEID AB, QATAR | O5 | 11A | TS/SCI | AUG2022 | 180 DAYS.      d. OPERATIONS PLANNER | DJIBOUTI | O-4/5 | 11A | TOP SECRET | JUL2022 | 365 DAYS. 11. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.      a. 55TH SUS BDE TPU VACANCIES: HHC 1SG (92A); BDE S1 OIC (MAJ, 42H), FORT BELVOIR, VA.      b. USARE USINDOPACOM JIOC DET 3 HONOLULU, TPU O3-O4 AND E6-E8 VACANCIES, HONOLULU, HI.      c. ADOS 365 DAY OPPORTUNITY (E5-E7), WIESBADEN, GERMANY TMT MANAGER.      d. 2ND BDE, 86TH TD (IL, IN, OH) SSG-SGM, CPT-COL & WO3 TPU VACANCIES, ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL.      e. 3-335TH TRAINING SUPPORT BATTALION, TPU, CPT/01A, 1SG/00G5M, HHC COMMANDER AND FIRST SERGEANT, FORT SHERIDAN, IL.      f. 980TH ENGINEER BATTALION - MULTIPLE 1SG VACANCIES (AUSTIN, TX AND SAN ANTONIO, TX).      g. TROOP PROGRAM UNIT (TPU), DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF, G2/G6, 104TH DIVISION (LEADER TRAINING), JBLM, WA.      h. 492ND CIVIL AFFAIRS BATTALION - TPU VACANCIES - BUCKEYE, AZ.      i. IMA VACANCIES AT THE OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF, G-4: PENTAGON.      j. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT AIDE-DE-CAMP TO THE 34TH CHIEF OF ARMY RESERVE AND 9TH COMMANDING GENERAL, UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE COMMAND, PENTAGON.      k. TROOP PROGRAM UNIT (TPU) S – 2ND BRIGADE SECTIONS VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT – 2ND BRIGADE 98TH TRAINING DIVISION (IET), FORT JACKSON, SC.


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