Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Soldier Message for TA ETP Draw 5

Date Published: 27 Jun 22 Soldier Message for Tuition Assistance Exception to Policy (ETP) Draw #5         24 June 2022 ETP draw #5 started on 23 June 2022 and is scheduled to close on 26 August 2022.  This draw will be different than the previous four.  The process is as follows: 1.      Soldiers must have an ArmyIgnitED account and approved Education Path on file.  Soldiers who do not have an approved Education Path on file, he/she can follow the steps found in Pages 1-6 of the How to Guide: TA Student - Create Education Paths and Tuition Assistance Requests.pdf.  The guide can be downloaded in ArmyIgnitED > Support > Training Materials > Students/Soldiers- Credentialing Assistance & Tuition Assistance > How to Guides > TA Student - Create Education Paths and Tuition Assistance Requests.pdf > Download.  Please reach out to your Education Center, if you need further assistance. 2.      Since the system will not automatically create Tuition Assistance (TA) requests for course(s) during ETP Draw #5, Soldiers are required to log into their ArmyIgnitED account and request TA for courses with start dates of 8 Feb 2021 to present (and up to 60 days beyond the course start date) through the normal TA request process.  Soldiers can follow the steps outlined in Pages 7-10 of the How to Guide: TA Student - Create Education Paths and Tuition Assistance Requests.pdf.  3.      When the TA Request screen is viewed, courses that have already started will be visible and eligible for a TA request, see an example on page 7 of the How to Guide: TA Student - Create Education Paths and Tuition Assistance Requests.  4.      Soldiers can prepare for ETP Draw #5 now by reviewing their account information to view the status of the courses that their EI has uploaded into ArmyIgnitED.  A review of their account is important because duplicate courses may be visible during ETP Draw #5.  If TA is requested for a duplicate course, the Soldier may reach the yearly / lifetime limits erroneously.   This may result in the Soldier not receiving the full fiscal year (FY) funding for TA unless actions are taken to correct the tracker.  Soldiers can view the loaded courses on the “Student Profile Page” by clicking on the “View All Enrolled Courses and Grades” hyperlink located to the right of the “Enrolled Courses” section of the profile page.  5.      To access account information, click your name in the upper-right corner and select Account.  6.      Soldiers should only submit a TA request for a course without previous approval unless the course was approved for the incorrect funding, and the Soldier was instructed by the EI or the education center to submit the TAR again.  7.      Soldiers may see duplicate courses for a course without previous approval.  Submit only the request for the course with the correct information especially the course title, start/end dates, course cost, and course credits.  If a Solider is unsure of the correct course, it is recommended that Soldiers contact the Educational Institution (EI) for assistance and ask for the Course Reference Number (CRN) to assist him/her in choosing the correct course.  8.      Soldiers should not submit a manual TA request for an ETP course at their home school.  If a course is not seen in the account, contact the EI to have the course loaded. For ETP Draw #5, the courses will only be displayed for 8 Feb 2021 to present. 9.      For ETP Draw #5, Soldiers must focus on one FY at a time when creating TARs. For example, all TARS that need to be created for FY 22 should be created first.  Then, the Soldier can create the TARs for FY 21. 10.     Unlike previous draws that ignored holds, ETP Draw #5 will not ignore holds because it is the normal request process.  Therefore, Soldiers must contact a counselor to have holds removed / deferred prior to submitting a TA request.  11.     Soldiers will be held to their yearly limits (16SH/$4k) and lifetime limits (130SH Undergrad / 39SH Grad) during ETP Draw #5. 12.     ETP Draw #5 is scheduled to end on 26 August 2022.  Soldiers are encouraged to submit the TA requests a soon as possible so the courses can be approved by Soldiers’ Counselors and invoiced by Soldiers’ EIs.  13.     As a reminder, Soldiers must take action on courses via a TAR in ArmyIgnitED to receive TA funding during ETP 5 and should contact an education center for additional assistance.     Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS) Army University Combined Arms Center


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