Thursday, April 21, 2022

CNGB Letter In Honor of the Month of the Military Child

Month of the Military Child


April is the Month of the Military Child, a time to honor the sacrifices of military-connected youth around the world and highlight their contributions to readiness.  This year’s theme is, “Military Kids, Embracing the Journey.”


No one who serves our Nation serves alone; we rely on the support of our military-connected children who selflessly serve alongside their loved ones as citizen-warriors.  These children handle interruptions during deployments and other military missions and often take on additional responsibilities during those separations.  Through their experiences, military-connected children emerge stronger.  Their parents’ or guardians’ example of hard work and devotion to a cause greater than themselves teaches them patriotism, how to be leaders in their families, schools, and communities, and the power of the words, "welcome home."


To our young warriors, we want to acknowledge the exceptionally important role you have as part of our National Guard family.  You are resilient through extended separations when you are missing your parents or guardians, and you forgive us when we miss important milestone activities like birthday parties, athletics, school activities, and recitals.  We recognize you sacrifice family time when we train with our unit during drill weekends and annual training periods, which allows us to be ready when our Nation needs us most.


Thank you for making National Guard families stronger through your support and love.  You are in our hearts and on our minds, even while we are away.  It's not always easy being a military child, but your contributions are very important to the success of our military mission and our team.  We can't wait to see what you accomplish.  Thank you for helping us be "Always Ready, Always There!"






Daniel R. Hokanson                                    

General, U.S. Army

Chief, National Guard Bureau                     



Tony L. Whitehead                                     

SEA, U.S. Air Force                                    

National Guard Bureau                               


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