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S1NET Message Summary - 5 Apr 22

1. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF STAFF, ARMY GENERAL OFFICER ANNOUNCEMENT, MARCH 31, 2022. Major General Douglas F. Stitt, for appointment to the rank of lieutenant general and assignment as Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, United States Army, Washington, DC. He is currently serving as Director, Military Personnel Management, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, United States Army, Washington, DC. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133317 2. FY22 AR TPU/IRR SSG NCO EVALUATION BOARD RESULTS. Attached are the board results for the FY22 SSG NCO Evaluation board. The attached list consist of all Soldiers who were found Most Qualified (MQ) or Fully Qualified (FQ) by the evaluation board. MQ Soldiers are identified accordingly. The 81st Readiness Division will email the Order of Merit List (OML) number directly to the evaluated NCO in the coming week(s). https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133673 3. REVIEW OF ATP 1-0.1, TECHNIQUES FOR HUMAN RESOURCES SUPPORT TO OPERATIONS, INITIAL DRAFT, 31 MAR 22. From Soldier Support Institute (SSI) Doctrine: Request your review, comments, and concurrence or non-concurrence with the initial draft of ATP 1-0.1, Techniques for Human Resources Support to Operations, no later than 20 May 2022. ATP 1-0.1 provides Army human resources (HR) doctrine and techniques for theater-level HR organizations, Army Service component command (ASCC), corps, and division assistant chief of staff, personnel (G-1)/adjutant general (AG) sections, and battalion or brigade personnel staff officer (S-1) sections. This publication provides guidance on HR actions and enables decision making in conducting HR support at operational and tactical levels in a deployed theater of operation. Reviewers can submit comments using the standardized comment matrix attached with the draft ATP at the following link.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1132969 4. AC FLAG SNAPSHOT - MARCH 2022. HRC can provide a drill down, by unit, installation and individual at the request of COL Commanders and above. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133506 5. IPPS-A ITEMS.      a. HOW TO VIDEO FOR IPPS-A R3 | PROCESS A FLAG FOR S1s. A video on how to process a Flag PAR as an S1, insert a WorkFlow or adhoc a USERID for approval. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/leadercasts/15404      b. UPCOMING IPPS-A LIVE TRAINING. See the following link for a summary of upcoming IPPS-A live training with meeting links. This summary details training currently scheduled for April 2022. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-883742 6. (USAR) FY22 STRATEGIC BROADENING SEMINAR RESULTS – APRIL 2022. The USAR FY22 SBS Program results as of April 2022, provides additional details on the Seminars advertised to include known dates, USAR quotas, and selections. USAR will publish monthly SBS results through September 2022 to provide updates on seminar dates, selections in accordance with Order of Merit List (OML) and quotas. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1074627 7. FY22 AVIATION BRIGADE COMMAND CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER SELECTION PANEL. From HRC Aviation Branch: IAW MILPER 21-323, the FY22 Aviation Brigade Command Chief Warrant Officer Selection Panel convened 29-31 March 2022. Congratulations to the following Warrant Officers:  3rd CAB: CW5 Ryan Dechent; 12th CAB: CW5 Jonathan Hulse; 101st CAB: CW5 Bob Phillips; 110th AB: CW5 Rob Macy; 166th AB: CW5 Travis Westfall; and TAAB: CW5 Pat Curran. Alternates (Alphabetically): CW5 Bullock, CW5 Haney, CW5 Hardin, CW5 Huebscher, CW5 Long, and CW5 Page. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133571 8. BRANCH/COMMAND ITEMS.      a. 555TH EN BDE 23-01 POSITIONS. Are you an Army officer (CPT 12A/25A) scheduled to move in the 23-01 Winter cycle? 555th EN BDE, JBLM, wants you! The 555th EN BDE deploys worldwide and exercises mission command of Engineer and combat support units to plan, direct, and supervise combat, general, and geospatial engineer operations in support of a Joint Task Force or Corps headquarters in Multi-Domain Operations. Come check us out in the upcoming 23-01 AIM2 Marketplace! Willing and Able! https://www.milsuite.mil/book/message/981891      b. BE PART OF THE JOINT READINESS TRAINING CENTER AND FORT POLK TEAM. We are seeking highly talented Officers and Enlisted to fill critical key developmental and broadening positions throughout the JRTC and Fort Polk installation. Our tenant units include JRTC Operations Group; 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division; 519th Military Police Battalion; 46th Engineer Battalion; 3-353rd Infantry Regiment; 1-5th Aviation Regiment; Garrison; Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital (BJACH); DENTAC; and 32nd Hospital Command. JRTC and Fort Polk also have many employment opportunities for your spouse. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/thread/266111      c. 88TH READINESS DIVISION RETIREMENT SERVICES OFFICE - PRE-RETIREMENT TRAINING FOR FY22. The 88th RD Retirement Services Team will be conducting both In-Person and Virtual Pre-Retirement Trainings for the 19 State Region during FY22.  The seminars are open to all Soldiers, Retirees and Family Members. If you are interested in attending, please use the registration links on the schedule attached at the following link. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1132526      d. AGCRA NEWSLETTER # 1.  In this edition:  Follow Us on Social Media, National AG Ball, Awards Criteria Change, 1775 is Back, and Army Bands. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1132990      e. AGCRA NEWSLETTER # 2.  In this edition:  AGCRA PAI, Personal Email Address, Mailing Address, and Chapter Affiliation. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133011 9. NEW/REVISED PUBLICATIONS. The following new/revised ARs, DA Pams, ADPs, ADRPs, ATPs, ATTPs, and FMs have been published on the APD website during the past month. If the links provided do not work for you, go to the APD website at the following link and use the search function to look for the new edition. https://armypubs.army.mil/      a. AR 11-6, 02/25/2022, Army Foreign Language Program. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1021191      b. AR 15-130, 03/24/2022, Army Clemency and Parole Board. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024575      c. AR 70-57, 03/2/2022, Army Technology Transfer. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1020837      d. AR 140-145, 03/21/2022, Individual Mobilization Augmentation Program. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1020997      e. AR 380-5, 03/25/2022, Army Information Security Program. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1021668      f. AR 635-5-1, 03/2/2022, Separation Program Designator Codes. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1021280      g. ATP 2-19.1-1, 03/01/2022, Echelons Above Corps Intelligence Organizations. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024509      h. ATP 2-19.1-2, 03/01/2022, Echelons Above Corps Intelligence Organizations Volume II: United States Army Intelligence and Security Command. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/ActiveInactiveRescSearch.aspx      i. ATP 3-09.24, 03/30/2022, The Field Artillery Brigade. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024668      j. ATP 3-39.32, 03/8/2022, Physical Security. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024566      k. ATP 3-72, 03/7/2022, Operations in A Nuclear Environment (MCRP 10-10E.9, NTTP 3-72.1, AFTTP 3-2.65). https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024544              l. DA Pam 11-8, 02/28/2022, Foreign Language Program Handbook. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024238      m. DA Pam 50-5, 03/24/2022, Nuclear Incident Response and Assistance Operations for Domestic Transportation of U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Their Special Nuclear Material. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024457      n. FM 3-61, 02/25/2022, Communication Strategy and Public Affairs Operations. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1024540 10. Recently published DOD and Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link.  https://armypubs.army.mil/default.aspx      a. ALARACT 022/2022, BREACHING BLAST OVERPRESSURE EXPOSURE FOR PERSONNEL SAFETY MESSAGE (CUI), DTG: R 312013Z MAR 22. This message updates safety requirements for use of energetics for breaching operations and breaching training. This message applies to all Army activities that use energetics for breaching operations and breaching training. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133514 11. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages.  All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper. All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/milpaye-messages.      a. MILPER MESSAGE 22-101, RESCIND MILPER MESSAGE 21-484, 27 DEC 21. FISCAL YEAR 2022 (FY22) ACTIVE COMPONENT (AC), CAPTAIN (CPT), ARMY COMPETITIVE CATEGORY (ACC), PROMOTION SELECTION BOARD (PSB) ZONES OF CONSIDERATION, ISSUED: [3/31/2022 4:01:18 PM]. MILPER Message 21-484 issued 27 Dec 21, is rescinded immediately. HRC will release a forthcoming MILPER message detailing the change to a fully qualified certification process. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-101      b. MILPER MESSAGE 22-102, UNITED STATES ARMY WARRANT OFFICER SELECTION BOARD RESULTS MARCH 2022, ISSUED: [3/31/2022 4:11:25 PM]. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-102      c. MILPER MESSAGE 22-103, UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE (USAR) WARRANT OFFICER SELECTION BOARD RESULTS MARCH 2022, ISSUED: [3/31/2022 4:16:43 PM]. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-103      d. MILPER MESSAGE 22-104, ACADEMIC YEAR 2023-2024 U.S. ARMY COMBINED ARMS SUPPORT COMMAND VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY, MASTER OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ADVANCED CIVILIAN SCHOOLING PROGRAM AND LOGISTICS BRANCH TRAINING WITH INDUSTRY PROGRAM, ISSUED: [3/31/2022 10:48:06 PM]. This MILPER message pertains to only active component LG (AOC 90) Officers, and announces the procedures for Logistics (LG) Officers requesting consideration for the highly competitive academic year (AY) 2023-2024 Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Program or the Logistics Branch managed Training with Industry (TWI) opportunity for LG Officers with FEDEX. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-104      e. MILPER MESSAGE 22-105, AMENDMENT TO MILPER 21-472 FISCAL YEAR (FY) 2023 AMEDD ENLISTED COMMISSIONING PROGRAM APPLICATIONS FOR ACTIVE DUTY, RESERVE, AND NATIONAL GUARD, ISSUED: [4/1/2022 1:52:48 PM]. See the message for changes. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-105      f. MILPER MESSAGE 22-106, AMENDMENT TO MILPER MESSAGE 21-343, INTER-SERVICE TRANSFER OF COMMISSIONED OFFICERS, ISSUED: [4/1/2022 2:08:25 PM]. This MILPER message amends MILPER Message 21-343. It applies to the transfer of commissioned officers serving on the active-duty list (ADL) of a uniformed service of the United States; this includes the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Commissioned Corps to the ADL of another, the transfer of commissioned officers serving on the Reserve active-status list (RASL) of a uniformed service; this includes the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR) to the RASL of another, the transfer of students enrolled in the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), and the transfer of students enrolled in the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-106      g. MILPER MESSAGE 22-107, RESCINDED: ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR OFFICERS REQUESTING TO DEFER PROMOTION CONSIDERATION (OPT OUT) FROM THE FY22 CPT ACC PSB, ISSUED: [4/1/2022 3:15:07 PM]. MILPER Message Number 21-350, 17 September 2021, subject:  Eligibility Criteria for Officers Requesting to Defer Promotion Consideration (Opt Out) from the FY22 CPT ACC PSB is rescinded immediately.  Officers are not allowed to defer consideration in the FY22 Army Competitive Category (ACC) Captain (CPT) Promotion Selection Board (PSB).  HRC will contact officers who have requested to defer consideration and will cease processing those requests. In FY22 the Army will consider eligible First Lieutenants (1LT) for promotion to CPT using an all fully qualified list process, rather than a Promotion Selection Board.  https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-107      h. MILPER MESSAGE 22-108, AMENDMENT TO THE FISCAL YEAR 2022 (FY22) ACTIVE COMPONENT (AC), COLONEL (COL), JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL’S CORPS (JAGC), PROMOTION SELECTION BOARD (PSB) ZONES OF CONSIDERATION, ISSUED: [4/4/2022 3:18:08 PM]. Paragraph 2a. is rescinded and replaced to read: Paragraph 2a. A selection board will convene on 27 Jun 22 to consider eligible Lieutenant Colonels (LTC) on the Active Duty List (ADL) for promotion to COL. The board will recess on or about 1 Jul 22. Officers eligible for consideration have the following Active Duty Dates of Rank (ADOR): Above Zone: 5 Feb 17 and earlier; In Zone: 6 Feb 17 thru 8 May 18; Below Zone: N/A. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-108      i. MILPER MESSAGE 22-109, FISCAL YEAR 2022 (FY22) ACTIVE COMPONENT (AC), CAPTAIN (CPT), ARMY COMPETITIVE CATEGORY (ACC), FULLY QUALIFIED CERTIFICATION BOARD (FQCB) ZONES OF CONSIDERATION, ISSUED: [4/4/2022 3:20:45 PM]. When needs of the Army require, the SECARMY may recommend the promotion of all 1LTs in the promotion zone who are fully qualified for promotion to CPT using an all-qualified officer list in lieu of convening a PSB. Promotion screening authorities will convene and begin review of the Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR) of eligible 1LTs on the Active Duty List (ADL) for promotion to CPT 26 Apr 22. The screening authority will recess on or about 13 May 22. Officers eligible for consideration have the following Active Dates of Rank (ADOR): Above Zone: 31 Mar 20 and earlier; In Zone: 1 Apr 20 thru 31 Mar 21. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-109 12. S1NET MEMBER/UNIT CONTRIBUTIONS. The following unit/individually developed products or information have been contributed to S1NET for the use and benefit of all members/units. These products have not been reviewed nor sanctioned by TRADOC or the AG School, and may be specific to the unit/component/location.      a. ACFT TRACKER. “ACFT Tracker 2LT Tait Doeringer and I put together for our organization. Simple enough to modify for your organizational needs. Scores are based off the scale from the ACFT site.” Contributed by 2LT EJ Fulk.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/thread/265854 13. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 1 APR 22). Hot openings listed at the following link.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/apf/s1net/forscom-wias           a. J6 NCOIC/SEA | AL UDEID AB, QATAR | 25W | SECRET | E7 | MAY2022 | 365 days.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989      b. SENIOR PROPERTY ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN | AMMAN, JORDAN | CW2-3 | 920A | SECRET | MAY2022 | 365 days.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989      c. COE CHIEF | ABU DHABI INTL, UAE | O5 | 14A | SECRET | MAY2022 | 365 days. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989      d. U 4 LOGISTICS CHIEF MALI | BAMAKO, MALI | O5 | 90A | SECRET | OCT2022 | 180 days. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989 14. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-375787. Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.      https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/apf/s1net/jobannouncementsmobvacancies      a. ADOS - RESERVE OFFICER CAREER COUNSELOR, CPT/MAJ/CW2, FT BLISS, TX. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1132496      b. HIGH-ALTITUDE AVIATION TRAINING SITE (HAATS), AGR, E4-E5/15U-15T, CH-47 HELICOPTER REPAIRER, GYPSUM, CO. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1132574      c. 518TH SB DEPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES, KNIGHTDALE, NC. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1130916      d. 206TH REGIONAL SUPPORT GROUP, HHC, TPU, MULTIPLE EN/WO/OFF VACANCIES LOCATED IN MCLEANSVILLE, NC. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/message/982050      e. 354TH QM GROUP, MULTIPLE 180-DAY ADOS VACANCIES (90A O4, 01A O2/O3, 92A/Y/F E8, 00G E5) COLUMBUS, OHIO; MULTIPLE E5-E7 ENLISTED VACANCIES, MULTIPLE O1-O3 OFFICER VACANCIES, VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN OHIO. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133284      f. 411TH ENGINEER BRIGADE, TPU, MULTIPLE ENL/WO/OFF VACANCIES, NEW WINDSOR, NY. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133320      g. 195TH EXPEDITIONARY TERMINAL OPERATIONS ELEMENT (ETOE), TPU, MULTIPLE 88N & 88H, E-5/E-6 AND 1 882A, WO-2 VACANCIES, TAMPA, FL. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133333      h. 326TH STRATEGIC DISSEMINATION COMPANY, MULTIPLE TPU ENLISTED E3-E7/OFFICER O4 VACANCIES/ FORT GILLEM, GA. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133511      i. TPU OFFICER AND ENLISTED VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 411TH ENGINEER BRIGADE, NEW WINDSOR, NY. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1133646


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