Tuesday, July 26, 2022

TA Cutoff for FY 22 and End of ETP

Date Published: 15 Jul 22 Tuition Assistance (TA) Cutoff for Fiscal Year (FY) 22 and End of Exception to Policy (ETP) 1.      Fiscal Year 2022 Tuition Assistance Cutoff – 26 August 2022  Soldiers must have all FY22 Tuition Assistance Requests (TAR) submitted and approved by 26 August 2022, this includes any course start dates beginning 27 August 2022 through 30 September 2022.  If your Education Institution (EI) has not uploaded your course enrollment files, you must request that your EI upload course enrollment files to ArmyIgnitED ‘1.0”.  No FY22 TARs will be approved after 26 August 2022 in ArmyIgnitED “1.0”. 2.      Draw 5 Exception to Policy (ETP) Processing Ends 26 August 2022 Soldiers must have past dated FY21 and FY22 blanket ETP TARs requested in ArmyIgnitED “1.0” by 26 August 2022.  TARs for 8 February 2021 to date that require the blanket ETP TAR must be processed by the Soldier in ArmyIgnitED “1.0” no later than 26 August 2022.  Course enrollment files must be uploaded by EIs and, Soldiers must request TA for these courses by 26 August 2022.  Reminder, this draw is different from the rest and requires the Soldier to request TA for past-dated enrollments. Those enrollments are no longer automatically generated into TARs on the Soldier’s behalf.  Guidance for ETPs for classes with start dates in FY21 and FY22 that are not capable of being processed in the ArmyIgnitED “1.0” system will be provided at a later date.  These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For more detailed information regarding the current process, please reach out to your Education Center and/or consult the documents below: ArmyIgnitED > Support > Training Materials > Students/Soldiers - Credentialing Assistance & Tuition Assistance > How to Guides > TA Student - Create Education Paths and Tuition Assistance Requests.pdf > Download 3.      FY 23 TARs Will Not Be Created in ArmyIgnitED “1.0” FY23 TARs will not be processed in ArmyIgnitED “1.0”.  Soldiers must submit TARs in ArmyIgnitED “2.0” for courses beginning 1 October 2022 or beyond. Information regarding the TA process in ArmyIgnitED “2.0” will be provided closer to the system transition. Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS) Army University Combined Arms Center


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