Thursday, August 11, 2022

Job Opportunity: Manpower Analyst at National Guard Bureau

The Army National Guard G1 has FY23 Title 10 ADOS-RC openings for junior and mid-grade officers to serve as a Manpower Analyst.  You were selected as a viable candidate based on your educational background and Army experience.  Our work consists of providing various analytical and operational research products to National Guard and Headquarters, Department of the Army leaders.  We also interact with all 54 state/territory/DC JFHQ G1 on tracking current manpower and forecasting future trends.  We provide opportunities to work with analytical tools such as SQL, Python, and Excel in pulling data, analyzing data, and finding insights that aid decisions.  Analysts can expect to apply time series forecasting, machine learning and various other advanced analytical methods to help inform National Guard policy.  If you have a background in STEM, Business, Human Resources, or Data Analytics, then you are an ideal candidate. 

This position is located in Arlington, Virginia (just south of Washington DC).  PCS entitlements are provided and the position renews every year.  This can be an opportunity for a multi-year active duty tour or entrance to a future Title 10 AGR career.

If you are interested, please see our position descriptions on Tour of Duty: The Position IDs are 323139, 323224, and 323253.


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