Tuesday, May 28, 2024

ACS Opportunity: Join the Department of Military Instruction at USMA

On behalf of the Director of the Department of Military Instruction, Colonel Mark Federovich:

The Department of Military Instruction (DMI) at West Point is recruiting active-duty Captains across all branches, YGs 17-19, to join our team. DMI oversees Cadet Summer Training, the International Sandhurst Competition, and the Military Science education at USMA. DMI officers train, educate, and inspire the Corps of Cadets in the foundational military competencies essential for success in dynamic and challenging environments.

Applicants must currently hold or have completed key developmental (KD) assignments and possess branch qualifications in their respective grades prior to selection. DMI offers two hiring paths. The first is direct hire where an officer reports directly to West Point to work as part of the DMI team. The second is through ACS where officers attend graduate school, earning a 1-year accelerated Masters enroute to West Point. We have existing relationships with Columbia University’s Organizational Leadership and Development and Negotiation and Conflict Resolution programs to facilitate the accelerated Masters, but we maintain some flexibility to match officer needs.

For those interested in joining DMI, please submit your applications through the USMA hiring portal, "TEACH" (https://teach.westpoint.edu/teach/home) no later than July 19, 2024. Successful candidates will commence graduate studies (ACS Hires) or assume duties within DMI (Direct Hires) starting in the summer of 2025. Upon ACS graduation, officers commit to a 36-month service obligation within DMI before transitioning back to operational Army. While GRE scores are not mandatory for DMI application submission, specific graduate school programs may necessitate them. ACS participants slated for Summer/Fall 2025 will commence their tenure within DMI in the summer of 2026.

DMI also enthusiastically welcomes exceptional officers to apply for immediate placement as "direct hires." For any further information contact the DMI Applications Team at DMIApplications@westpoint.edu. Additional information about our Department and our mission can be found at: Department of Military Instruction | United States Military Academy West Point.

We look forward to having some of you join our team.


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