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S1NET Message Summary - 13 Mar 21

1. ARMY UNDERSTATED USE/LOSE LEAVE LES ISSUE. From DFAS:  The purpose of this post is to provide awareness of an issue that caused incorrect (understated) use/lose leave balances on 163K Army Active members’ LESs that will be corrected in March 2021. Due to the pandemic, OSD P&R authorized military members to accumulate annual leave in excess of 60 days (not to exceed 120 days) from Mar 11 to Sep 30, 2020.  This additional leave is known as Special Leave Accrual (SLA) and applicable members are authorized to retain this unused leave until the end of Fiscal Year 2023 (i.e., Sep 30, 2023).  However, leave earned after Sep 30, 2020 is not afforded the same protections and will be lost if unused on Oct 1, 2021. The SCRs implemented by DFAS in DJMS in Sep 2020 to carry over leave in excess of the normal 60 day cap successfully handled the leave carryover, but we have identified a problem in the DJMS-AC display of Use/Lose leave balances for members who were allowed to carry forward more than the normal cap of 60 days of leave at the beginning of this FY. We have identified a system fix and are planning to have the LESs corrected for EOM March 2021 (the next LESs that we will issue).

2. CAC SIGNING ISSUES IN IPERMS (ADOBE). From HRC Army Soldier Records Branch: The new Adobe update (2021.001.20138) has an enhanced security setting within Adobe that prevents CAC signature validation when attempting to complete a record review. The Network Enterprise Center (NEC), Adobe and the iPERMS technical group are involved in discussions to address a total force solution. The goal is to implement a fix that does not affect security compliance. In the meantime, please do not attempt to sign the PRR outside of IPERMS and manually upload. Since this setting contributes to a more secure environment it would be premature to announce a tentative timeline for remediation at this time. Please continue to monitor the IPERMS website for announcement updates.

3. ENLISTED MANNING CYCLE 22-01 MARKET. From HRC EPMD Readiness Div: The 22-01 ASK-Enlisted Market will close at midnight EST on Tuesday 16 March 2021. As of COB 10 March, 75.0% of NCOs in the market have selected one or more preferences. NCOs in the market are encouraged to preference the maximum number of assignments available in their respective markets. Don't miss the opportunity to shape your future assignment!

4. (USAR) AGR PROMOTION POINT WORKSHEET PROCEDURAL GUIDANCE, 1 MAR 21. From HRC Enlisted Promotions Branch: Effective 1 October 2020, the USAR AGR promotion recommended list (PPRL) is managed in the Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW) application to support a paperless promotion point computation system. The PPW will automatically calculate promotion points based on Soldiers’ personnel and training data maintained in the Total Army Personnel Database Reserve (TAPDB-R), the Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS) and the Army Training Management System (ATMS). Promotion scores are displayed on the automated promotion point worksheet (PPW). This guide provides procedural guidance and responsibilities.

5. DLC ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS FROM NCOLCoE DLC COURSE MANAGER. "Structured Self Development (SSD - now DLC) is both an individual and first-line leader responsibility executed at the individual's pace but under the supervision of the first-line leader." (AR 350-1, paragraph 3-54). The business rules for enrollment into the DLCs are provided at the following link.

6. Recently published Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link.

     a. ALARACT 018/2021, THE FY 2020 CPT JOHN R. TEAL LEADERSHIP AWARD (FOUO), DTG: R 092200Z MAR 21. This message announces the procedures for the nomination, selection, and awarding of the FY 2020 CPT John R. Teal Leadership Award. Nominations are due no later than 1 May 2021.

     b. ALARACT 019/2021, NOTIFICATION OF AUTHORIZED OXYGEN GENERATOR, FIELD PORTABLE (LIN P05027) (FOUO), DTG: R 101309Z MAR 21. This message serves as the justification for equipment shortages and degradation of readiness reporting on unit status reports (USR). The OGFP has experienced unexpected technical difficulties in sustainment and supportability resulting in unaffordability and a halt of procurement. No additional OGFPs will be fielded to units. Units are authorized to use oxygen d-cylinders in lieu of OGFP.

     c. ALARACT 020/2021, REISSUANCE OF CHANGE TO OVERSEAS TOUR LENGTHS FOR CERTAIN LOCATIONS IN EUROPE AND JAPAN (FOUO), DTG: R 121404Z MAR 21. The purpose of this message is to inform Soldiers that the ASA (M&RA) reissued an exception to policy that authorizes a change to the 24-month unaccompanied tours in certain locations in Europe and Japan. In an effort to improve readiness, increase PCS stability for Soldiers and families, and reduce PCS-related costs, unaccompanied tour lengths (24 months) for Soldiers assigned to locations in Europe and Japan (see enclosure to ETP) are increased to 36 months. All first-term and career Soldiers who have no dependents, are not married to other service members, and are on a PCS order to these locations will serve 36 months. This message applies to PCS orders published after 14 June 2019.

7. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages.  All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at

     a.  MILPER MESSAGE 21-085, UPDATE TO ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES (ARSOF) PROGRAMS, ISSUED: [3/11/2021 2:07:57 PM]. This message applies to active Army Officers, Warrant Officers and Enlisted Soldiers. Effective immediately, Commanders of ACOMs, ASCCs, and DRUs will publicize the Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) program and ensure Soldiers have access to ARSOF in-service recruiters and recruiter briefings.  Additionally, commanders will work with ARSOF in-service recruiters from the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion (SORB) to schedule assessment and selection course dates to meet both unit and ARSOF operational requirements and the Soldier's career goals. This message will be used when Soldiers are scheduled to attend ARSOF programs training courses and assignment instructions.

     b. MILPER MESSAGE 21-086, OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE FY20 ACTIVE COMPONENT (AC) ARMY JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL’S (JAG) SENIOR SERVICE COLLEGE (SSC) SELECTION BOARD RESULTS, ISSUED: [3/12/2021 10:36:43 AM]. This message announces the release of the Fiscal Year (FY) 20 Active Component (AC) Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGC) Senior Service College (SSC) Selection Board Results. The official release date of the board results is 16 March 2021.

     c. ARMY MILITARY PAY E-MESSAGE 21-018, FY21 ARMY RESERVE CONTINUANCE OF U.S. ARMY CYBER (ARCYBER) COMMAND ASSIGNMENT INCENTIVE PAY (CAIP). The purpose of this message is to inform all of the addition of ARCYBER Command Assignment Incentive Pay (CAIP) for Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers, effective 1 October 2020.

8. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 29 JAN 21). Hot openings listed at the following link. 

     a. Multiple openings in support of the Federal COVID Response Task Force formerly Operation WARP SPEED in Washington D.C. starting 15APR21. Interested Service Members must be 01A / O2-O6; 90A / O3-O4; 42A / E6-E7. Positions include XO to Chief of Operations, Battle Captain, and Legislative Liaison.

     b. J1 Director in support of joint operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Interested Service Members must be 42H / O-4(P) - O-6 and will be responsible for reporting directly to the Commanding General, and advise them on all administrative matters for the command. 2x Locations: Baghdad, Iraq and Kabul, Afghanistan.

     c. Food Service Supervisor in support Operation Inherent Resolve. Interested Service Members must be 922A / W3 - W5 and will be responsible for supervising all Class I distribution throughout ARCENT's AOR. Location: Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. 

     d. Ops Advisor in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel (OFS). Interested Service Members must be a 15T /E5-E7 and will be a part of the establishment of a UH-60 Aircrew Advisors Train, Advise and Assist (TAA) Mission. Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan.

9. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.






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