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S1NET Message Summary - 26 Mar 21

1. EVALUATIONS T38 ERROR (LATE FOR BOARD) MESSAGE IS FIRING IMPROPERLY IN EVALUATION ENTRY SYSTEM (EES). From HRC Evaluations Branch:  Evaluations Branch has found that the T38 error (Late for board) message is firing improperly in EES. The error should fire if the date has passed on the RNLTD (Return Not Later Than) date in the MILPER.  "Example: RNLTD = 24 MARCH 2021 and rating chain is trying to submit today on 24 MARCH 2021. EES will say the evaluation is too late, which is untrue, it is true tomorrow which starts at 2400 Eastern Standard time." Actions to take to submit and process these evaluations are provided in the attachment at the following link.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954025

2. THE COMMANDER'S QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE TO CASUALTY PROCESSING. From CMAOD: Recently there have been instances where a dependent death has occurred and not immediately reported. Commanders, Casualty Assistance Centers and Soldiers are reminded to: 1) Report Family member fatalities to CMAOD using the same reporting process as used for Soldiers. 2) Unit leaders should also report these fatalities to their local Emergency Services. 3) Direct the surviving Soldier to supporting CAC to process FSGLI and coordinate transportation and mortuary (if eligible). https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-665576

3. IMPROVEMENTS TO THE UNIT COMMANDERS FINANCE REPORT (UCFR). From USAFMCOM: Beginning with the March UCFR, Commanders will be able to see the current Leave Balance and the proper zip code for BAH for their Soldiers on the UCFR summary page. With this update Commanders will be able to see at a glance the financial readiness of their formations.  Over the past months, there have been a number of other important improvements in the UCFR to include a print/export function.  If there are other improvements needed, please contact the POC with your suggestions. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954162

4. AIM 2 TALENT MARKETPLACE TRAINING FOR 22-01 DISTRIBUTION CYCLE. HRD Officer Personnel Management Directorate will conduct training for Active Component (AC) Units/Officers on operating in the 22-01 AIM2 Marketplace using Microsoft Live on 29, 30, and 31 March for Unit Training, and on 30 and 31 March and 1 April for Officer Training.  Units may request Assignment Interactive Module 2.0 (AIM2) training for their units, officers, and staff. Visit the following link for more information. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-609865

5. IPPS-A CRM IMPROVED MY AGENT CASES PAGE JOB-AID. IPPS-A Helpdesk Agents did not have the capability to pull customized case lists from the My Agent Cases page to monitor and prioritize the cases that they are working on in the CRM application. By enhancing the My Agent Cases functionality, all of the Helpdesk Agents (including HR Pros) will now be able to create personalized lists of cases which will allow them to work and monitor prioritized lists of Cases. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954491

6. NON-DEPLOYABLE REPORT AS OF EOM FEB 21. From Army G-1 Readiness:  As of EoM Feb 21, ~55.8K or ~5.53% of the Total Army was considered Non-Deployable; Army Non-Deployable rate increased by ~.05% from Jan 21. Visit the following link for specifics. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954461

7. AC OFFICER PROMOTION ORDERS, APRIL 2021. Orders for CPT-COL and CW3-CW5 are posted.  CW2 and 1LT orders will also be posted to this link when available.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954228



     b. AC SENIOR ENLISTED PROMOTIONS BY- NAME, SEQUENCE REPORT AND ORDERS, APRIL 2021. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954238

     c. AGR (USAR) SGT/SSG PROMOTION CUTOFF SCORES AND BY-NAME LIST, 1 APRIL 2021. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954206


     a. 174TH INFANTRY BRIGADE (JOINT BASE MCGUIRE DIX LAKEHURST, NJ ) TOWN HALL FOR 22-01 MOVERS. The 174th Infantry Brigade Commander will host the Town Hall on Facebook for all 22-01 movers on 20 APRIL 2021 at 1430 EST. The brigade is seeking talented CPTs (IN, EN, LG, MI), MAJs (SC and MI), CW3 (920A) and CW2s (915A) for the 22-01 AIM Cycle. The brigade is a professional, adaptable, and innovative team that helps to build and sustain readiness in partnered Army National Guard and Reserve formations and conduct unified land operations during National Guard and Reserve pre-mobilization training. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/message/931058

     b. *Extended Deadline* - ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE CALENDAR YEAR 2020 ORDER OF DAEDALIANS BG CARL I. HUTTON MEMORIAL AND U.S. ARMY EXCEPTIONAL AVIATOR AWARD. From the USAACE:  The Order of Daedalians, the national fraternity of military pilots, has presented the United States Army two awards annually to recognize safe flying practices and exceptional Aviators. In 1978, they established the BG Carl I. Hutton Memorial Award, and in 1999, they established the US Army Exceptional Aviator Award. The US Army Exceptional Pilot Award is to inspire excellence in duty performance by career military pilots who place Nation above self. The BG Carl I. Hutton Memorial Award is presented to an Army unit that has demonstrated outstanding professionalism and made the most invaluable contributions to the advancement of flight safety in Army Aviation for calendar year 2020. The *extended* deadline for submission this year is 23 April 2021 for all nominations. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-923745

10. Recently published Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link.  https://armypubs.army.mil/default.aspx

     a. ALARACT 025/2021, LINE OF DUTY REQUIREMENTS AND INTEGRATED DISABILITY EVALUATION SYSTEM REFERRAL MEMORANDUM (FOUO), DTG: R 241204Z MAR 21. The purpose of this message is to provide clarification on the need for a line of duty (LOD) determination for reserve component (RC) Soldiers and to clarify Integrated Disability Evaluation System referral memorandum (IDRM) use. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954487

     b. ALARACT 026/2021, FY20 ARMY ANTITERRORISM AWARD WINNERS (FOUO), DTG: R 241916Z MAR 21. The Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG), Antiterrorism Division, convened the Fy20 Army Antiterrorism Awards Board on 3 December 2020. The Antiterrorism Award winners for each competitive category are announced in this message at the following link. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954489

     c. ALARACT 027/2021, 12-MONTH DEFERMENT FOR POSTPARTUM SOLDIERS TO MEET AR 600–9 STANDARDS FOR HEIGHT, WEIGHT, AND BODY COMPOSITION (FOUO), DTG: R 251357Z MAR 21. The purpose of this message is to provide notice that the DCS, G–1 has approved an exception to AR 600–9 for Soldiers in the RA, ARNG/ARNGUS, and USAR to extend the exemption to comply with AR 600-9 for pregnant and postpartum Soldiers. The exception to policy (also attached) extends the exemption for pregnant RA, ARNG/ARNGUS, and USAR Soldiers from 180 days to 365 days after the pregnancy ends. This exception will allow units to better prepare these Soldiers to meet body-composition standards. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954599

11. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages.  All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper. All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/milpaye-messages.

     a. MILPER MESSAGE 21-093, RELEASE OF THE FISCAL YEAR 2021 (FY21) ACTIVE COMPONENT (AC), COLONEL (COL), MEDICAL CORPS (MC) AND DENTAL CORPS (DC), PROMOTION SELECTION BOARDS (PSB), ISSUED: [3/25/2021 10:44:38 AM]. This message announces the release of the results for the FY21 Active Component (AC), Colonel (COL), Medical Corps (MC), and Dental Corps (DC), Promotion Selection Boards, (PSB). The Prepositioning Release date is 29 Mar 21. The official promotion list will be released at 0730 hours EDT, 31 Mar 21. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/21-093

     b. MILPER MESSAGE 21-094, ACADEMIC YEAR 2022-2023 ENGINEER APPLICATIONS TO MILITARY INTELLIGENCE JUNIOR OFFICER GEOINT PROGRAM, ISSUED: [3/25/2021 2:14:43 PM]. This message announces the procedures for Engineer officers and warrant officers requesting consideration for highly competitive Junior Officer GEOINT Program in Academic Year (AY) 2022-2023. This MILPER message pertains only to active component Engineer officers and 125D (primary) series warrant officers. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/21-094

12. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 12 MAR 21). Hot openings listed at the following link.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/apf/s1net/forscom-wias 

13. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-375787. Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.      https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/apf/s1net/jobannouncementsmobvacancies

     a. TOD POSITIONS AVAILABLE AT FORT RILEY SOLDIER RECOVERY UNIT (SRU). https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-953559

     b. EUCOM JOC MULTIPLE VACANCIES (COADOS), O4-O6 (STUTTGART, GERMANY). https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-953430

     c. US FORCES - AFGHANISTAN DEPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY, COL/MI. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-953655


     e. TPU 1SG/74D, 92ND CBRN BN, DECATUR, GA. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-954437


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