Thursday, May 20, 2021

Critical Update: Army 365 (A365) Transition/Migration (Please read as this will effect all of the WAARNG)

ALL WAARNG SOLDIERS and any User of a DoD Common Access Card (CAC),

BLUF: CVR TEAMS will stop working on 15 JUNE 2021. All "Active" Users should expect to have access to the Army365( account formally environment before the license for CVR( account) expires on 15 June 2021. If you haven't go recieved an email regarding this be patient and look for it in your DISA Email ( The Army has redone the licensing contracts for these services that included CVR Teams, Office 365, and what we will now be on is called ARMY 365(A365).

Three PHASES of migration are being used, and is being reported by Army, it is going faster than expected. The updated timeline for the transition to ARMY 365(A365) has moved forward pending a few migration decisions. Here are the new migration dates to be aware of:


Phase 1 migration (Users that had an O365 Account but "did not" log into their O365 Account) :

People that were active using "CVR TEAMS" but did not log in to OFFICE 365(O365) after 01 March 2021, about 384k Users across entire ARMY Enterprise. Migration will be done this weekend 22-23 May 2021, for "CVR TEAMS" Users.

Caveat for the Army Migration Team: Email routing troubleshooting may delay this date. UPDATE: This has been resolved


Phase 2 migration (Users that had an O365 Account and "did" log in and/or used their O365 Account):

People who logged into O365 after 01 March 2021, about 220k users across entire ARMY. Migration is expected to be completed next weekend 29-30 May 2021, for CVR TEAMS Users

Caveat for the Army Migration Team: Teleconferencing licenses may delay this date one week.


Phase 3 migration (Everyone else...):

All other Users(everyone with a valid Common Access Card(CAC) for this service will be migrated to complete the A365 migration plan.


ADDITIONAL NOTES:  Users on the prior version of O365( account) will lose access earlier than expected.  After their migration date they will not be able to log in to the O365, so it is important that all data on Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint is backed up and saved locally(temporarily on your computer, Z:\ or U:\ Drives) so it can later be uploaded to the new A365( account, formerly  This will be the same for the CVR( account) before 15 June 2021 as "EVERYONE" will lose TEAMS access on that date.

Currently, "private" and "public" TEAMS are available, but "channels" can only be public.  Expectation is to enable private channels early June 2021.  This is a concern for PII and CUI(FOUO) data so all teams should be made private and users manually added or given an invite code.  Public teams are accessible by anyone so only create those if that is the intent.  Scans are already being done for PII.

Audio conferencing licenses are expected to be available on 08 June 2021, but there is no data on how the Army will distribute them.  Audio conferencing should still be done on CVR if possible until then.

There may be Outlook online accounts created for each user, but the primary email should still be DISA Email( account) since the Army is having routing issues with the Email Services on A365 UPDATE: This has been resolved.  When the email migration happens (planned for National Guard during November 2021 to February 2022) everyone will be notified prior that they are being migrated. Continue using the same email address until further notice.


If there are any additional questions please join the discussion on teams


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