Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Tuition Assistance Limited User Test

Date Published: 3 May 21

1.  HQ ACCESS will conduct a two-week (5-19 May 2021) tuition assistance (TA) limited user test (LUT) in ArmyIgnitED to test functionality of the system. 

2.  The following Soldiers have been identified as LUT participants and will be able to access the TA program in ArmyIgnitED and submit TA Requests between 5 and 19 May 2021:

     a. Active Duty Soldiers stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Fort Bragg
     b. National Guard Soldiers in AR, AL, MO, MS, TX, and LA units
     c. Army Reserve Soldiers in AZ, CA, NM, NV and OK units

3.  To ensure that ArmyIgnitED functionality is working correctly, Soldiers participating in the LUT should submit TA Requests only for classes with start dates up to 31 May 21.

4.  Soldiers stationed outside of the installations and states identified for LUT participation will be able to access the TA program in ArmyIgnitED and submit TA Requests when the TA program goes live for all Soldiers.  TA-eligible Soldiers not participating in the LUT and LUT Soldiers who were not able to submit TA Requests successfully in ArmyIgnitED are still authorized to receive exception to policy (ETP) funding for classes that start 8 March 21 and later. 

5.  HQ ACCESS will message Soldiers through Army Career Tracker, the S1 Net, and Facebook when the TA program will be available for all Soldiers.

6.  Soldiers with questions about the LUT should contact their Army Education Center/Office.

ACCESS, Army University


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