Thursday, May 27, 2021

SMA Sends: Career Intermission Program



We must consider People First – sometimes that means looking at the long term as opposed to the short term.


As an Army, we must stay flexible as we fight to retain the talent we have cultivated in our Soldiers. With this in mind, I want you to look at the establishment of the Career Intermission Program (CIP) as a permanent option. Since its inception as a pilot in 2014, CIP has provided Soldiers the opportunity to take a sabbatical from their Army career to pursue personal interests.


I do not want to lose the focus on troops re-enlisting at their eligible gates. However, temporary circumstances have been known to divert Soldiers into permanent separation. It is our job to make sure Soldiers are at least aware of this opportunity before they permanently get out.


There are no specific reasons to apply, and no list of acceptable criteria which could account for all the variables life throws at us. Many have utilized CIP to get a degree, take care of a family member, raise a child, align professional timelines with a spouse, or acquire a professional skill. Regardless of the reason, eligible Soldiers can be placed in an Individual Ready Reserve status for up to three years.


Here’s some basic information about the program. Service Members:

Retain their healthcare

Receive a movement allowance

Retain on-post access and benefits

Incur a two-month ADSO for every month in the IRR

NCOs E5-E8, Warrant Officers, and Officers are eligible

Must have less than 17 years of creditable active Federal service as of the requested entry date

Retain 2/30ths of their monthly base pay

Are guaranteed a job to return to after their hiatus


Informed decisions are better decisions. I’m asking our leaders to stay engaged and use their judgement to recommend this program to help ensure we aren’t losing our talented Soldiers unnecessarily.


Thank you all for what you do for our Nation.




For more detailed information about CIP, please reference the following: AD 2021-15 (Career Intermission Program)


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