Wednesday, July 21, 2021

ArmyIgnitED is LIVE


There is a new notification/publication for Army Ignited.

Please click here to view the notification on the IgnitED ServiceNow Platform: link

How to Create Education Paths & TA Requests_ArmyIgnitED.pdf
How to Navigate Student Account_ArmyIgnitED.pdf

The ArmyIgnitED website is officially back and up and running. Soldiers can now submit Education Paths and FTA requests on ArmyIgnitED. Please read (and re-read) the following carefully. The steps outlined below must be completed in order to:
1)  Create an ArmyIgnitED account
2)  Declare your home school and degree program in ArmyIgnitED by creating an Ed Path (see attached for instructions)
**Please note that it is your school's responsibility to upload your degree plan and class schedule in ArmyIgnitED**
3)  Submit your TA requests on ArmyIgnitED using the attached instructions
4) Call the ArmyIgnitED helpdesk for all technical difficulties: 1-877-272-1330, option 8
Did you take courses with a start date between March 8th-July 19th ? If yes, then you are eligible for After-the-Fact FTA. In order to activate this exception to policy, you must follow these steps in order:
1) Submit an Education Path in ArmyIgnitED (see attached for instructions)
2) Go into ArmyIgnitED and submit a helpdesk case requesting an exception to policy for After-the-Fact FTA. Include detailed information about the course: (school, course code, class title, start and end dates, etc.)
3) The ETP case will then be routed to Army Education HQ
IF YOU ARE NOT AN INARNG Soldier, disregard this message and contact your local State Education Office for additional assistance:
Sharma D. Wolfe, M.A.


ArmyIgnitED Student Support Service/Helpdesk

For additional assistance, visit


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