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At What Cost: Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health
by Nicholas Freudenberg

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155909
  • HighBridge © 2021 (1121 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781696605397
  • This audio edition confronts how globalization, financial speculation, monopolies, and control of science and technology have enhanced the ability of corporations and their allies to overwhelm influences of government, family, community, and faith.

China CEO II: Voices of Experience from 25 Top Executives Leading MNCs in China
by Juan Antonio Fernandez and Laurie Underwood

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155893
  • Gildan Media © 2021 (626 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714039
  • This audio edition provides advice on leading operations in the world’s fastest-moving, highest stakes market.

Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead, Second Edition
by Henry Kimsey-House and Karen Kimsey-House

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154293
  • Berrett-Koehler Audio © 2021 (293 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781523091157
  • This audio edition shows how to master the inner and outer work needed to build relationships that unleash the transformational creative potential in everyone.

Leading from the Middle: A Playbook for Managers to Influence Up, Down, and Across the Organization
by Scott Mautz

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155896
  • Gildan Media © 2021 (414 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663713292
  • This audio edition delivers an insightful and practical guide for the backbone of an organization: those who have a boss and are a boss and must lead from the messy middle.

Leverage Change: 8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results
by Jake Jacobs

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154294
  • Berrett-Koehler Audio © 2021 (361 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781523092277
  • In this audio edition, leading change expert Jake Jacobs shares eight fail-safe ways to make any change initiative at any organization easier, faster, and more effective.

The Secret History of Home Economics: How Trailblazing Women Harnessed the Power of Home and Changed the Way We Live
by Danielle Dreilinger

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155910
  • HighBridge © 2021 (678 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781696605328
  • This audio edition offers a surprising, often fiercely feminist, always fascinating, yet barely known, history of home economics.

Lessons from the Edge: Survival Skills for Starting and Growing a Company
by Jana Matthews, Jeff Dennis and Peter Economy

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=146350
  • Oxford University Press © 2003 (268 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780195168259
  • Here is a unique collection of first-person accounts by entrepreneurs who describe their mistakes in business and the lessons they have learned as a result.

Predatory Value Extraction: How the Looting of the Business Corporation Became the U.S. Norm and How Sustainable Prosperity Can Be Restored
by William Lazonick and Jang-Sup Shin

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154394
  • Oxford University Press © 2020 (256 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780198846772
  • An explanation how an ideology of corporate resource allocation known as 'maximizing shareholder value' (MSV) that emerged in the 1980s came to dominate strategic thinking in business schools and corporate boardrooms in the United States.

Strategy in 3D: Essential Tools to Diagnose, Decide, and Deliver
by Greg Fisher, John E. Wisneski and Rene M. Bakker

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154397
  • Oxford University Press © 2020 (256 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780190081485
  • Including a novel organizational framework and never-before-published application examples, this book helps build foundational skills and prepares the reader for success as a strategist in the 21st century.

Symbolic Management: Governance, Strategy, and Institutions
by James Westphal and Sun Hyun Park

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154395
  • Oxford University Press © 2020 (272 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780198792055
  • The theory of symbolic management reveals a pervasive pattern of 'symbolic decoupling' - a separation between appearances and reality - at every level of the governance system.

Taming the Corporation: How to Regulate for Success
by Robert Baldwin and Martin Cave

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154399
  • Oxford University Press © 2021 (240 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780198836186
  • Offering an alternative, positive, vision of regulation, this book stresses the role of good regulation in allowing businesses to flourish, serve markets effectively, and respect broader interests.

The Data Imperative: How Digitalization is Reshaping Management, Organizing, and Work
by Henri Schildt

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154398
  • Oxford University Press © 2020 (240 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780198840817
  • Building on interviews and diverse case studies, this book provides an in-depth look at how data and algorithms are reshaping management practices, organizational structures, corporate culture, and work roles.

The Digital Hand: How Computers Changed the Work of American Manufacturing, Transportation, and Retail Industries
by James W. Cortada

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=146348
  • Oxford University Press © 2004 (512 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780195165883
  • Managers, economists, and anyone interested in the history of modern business will appreciate this historical analysis of digital technology's many roles and its future possibilities in a wide array of industries.

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility: Psychological and Organizational Perspectives
by Abagail McWilliams, Deborah E. Rupp, Donald S. Siegel, Günter K. Stahl and David A. Waldman

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154392
  • Oxford University Press © 2019 (720 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780198802280
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to grow as an area of
  • interest in academia and business.

The Oxford Handbook of Talent Management
by David G. Collings, Kamel Mellahi and Wayne F. Cascio

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154393
  • Oxford University Press © 2017 (608 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780198850359
  • Designed with a multi-disciplinary perspective in mind, this book offers academic researchers, advanced postgraduate students, and reflective practitioners a state-of-the-art overview of the key themes, topics, and debates in talent management.

The Performance Complex: Competition and Competitions in Social Life
by David Stark

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154396
  • Oxford University Press © 2020 (288 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780198861669
  • Exploring discrete contests, this book shows how the continuous updating of rankings is both a device for navigating the social world and an engine of anxiety; and examines the production of such anxiety in settings.


CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Study Guide: Exam CS0-002, Second Edition
by Mike Chapple, David Seidl and David Seidl

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155416
  • Sybex © 2020 (704 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781119684053
  • This updated study guide by two security experts will help you prepare for the CompTIA CySA+ certification exam. Position yourself for success with coverage of crucial security topics!

OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer: Complete Study Guide Exam 1Z0-819 and Upgrade Exam 1Z0-817
by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155443
  • Sybex © 2020 (1032 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781119619130
  • An indispensable resource for anyone preparing for certification, this book provides in-depth chapters presenting clear, comprehensive coverage of the functional-programming knowledge necessary to succeed.

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA): An Implementation and Compliance Guide
by Preston Bukaty

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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=153712
  • ISBN: 9781787782860
  • IT Governance © 2021 (129 pages)
  • Essential reading for anyone with business interests in the state of California, this book gives you the confidence to begin your CPRA compliance journey, while highlighting the potential ongoing developments of the CPRA.


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