Thursday, July 15, 2021

Washington National Guard Grant Information

Greetings everyone,

The National Guard Grant is accepting applications for 2021/2022!


  1. You must be in good standing (This will be verified through your command)
  2. You must be attending an institution located in our state that is also eligible to receive GI Bill funding.
  3. Submit FAFSA every year.

How much do you receive?

Once the student submits for FAFSA, the grant will cover all costs not covered by any other scholarships, grants, or financial assistance. In the event a student has other forms of tuition assistance, then the grant will pay the remaining costs only. Everyone receives a yearly $500 book stipend.

Is there a service obligation? 

Yes! 1 year for every year of funding. The year is served concurrently with the members current contract. THERE IS NO NEED TO EXTEND UNLESS THE MEMBER HAS LESS THAN 1 YEAR OF SERVICE REMAINING.

Is there a cap to the funding?

Yes! Yearly funds toward tuition may not exceed the full cost of tuition for a full time student for an undergraduate degree at the University of Washington. This is about $11,600. Members attending private institutions will have to cover the rest of their tuition
if it exceeds that amount.

The grant will pay for certifications, associates and bachelors.

Everyone can apply regardless of status. This includes new recruits who have not yet attended basic or IADT. The application is super easy!

Please pass this information on to your units, co-workers, family members, etc.

If you have questions at any time, please contact us below.   

Elymayi Woodall
Education and Training /WAARNG GIBM & Advisor


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