Tuesday, July 20, 2021

ArmyIgnitED Phased Go-Live

Date Published: 19 Jul 21

1. ArmyIgnitED Phased Go-Live
   a.  Starting 19 July 2021, Soldiers Army-wide whose educational institutions (EIs) have uploaded their degree and course enrollment files can request TA for future dated courses in ArmyIgnitED.
   b.  The list of EIs with successful file uploads can be found on the ACCESS, ArmyU website at https://www.armyuniversity.edu/ACCESS/Home.aspx within 3 business days of this message.  Soldiers can contact their Army Education Center for the list before it is uploaded to the ArmyU website. Green EIs have successfully uploaded 100% of files and Amber EIs are 99% or lower.  The list of Green EIs will be updated on the ArmyU website as more EIs complete their file uploads. 
   c.  Soldiers should create their Education Path and attempt to register for classes in ArmyIgnitED whether their EI is Green or Amber.   Soldiers who have issues must first reach out to their assigned Army education center/office for assistance.  If the problem cannot be resolved, the Soldier must revert back to the exception to policy (ETP) process. 
   d.  EIs that are not Green or Amber have not uploaded their course enrollment files.  Soldiers should continue to use the ETP process to receive TA funding at these EIs.
   e.  The ETP process will be discontinued at a future date for Soldiers attending Green EIs. 

2. Tuition Assistance Payments
   a.  All Soldiers attending Green or Amber EIs should submit an Education Path in ArmyIgnitED immediately to complete TA enrollment within ArmyIgnitED.
   b.  Additionally, Soldiers must have an approved Education Path in ArmyIgnitED for their ETP and any past enrollments to be processed for payment in ArmyIgnitED.  Paying EIs will enable them to stop withholding diplomas and placing other requirements or restrictions on Soldier accounts.

   c.  Army Education Counselors will process all pending Education Path and Special Program Path requests in their queues to complete the enrollment process.

3. Soldier Resources: 
   a.  Soldiers can instructions for submitting an Education Path and TA request in the TA FAQs uploaded to the ArmyIgnitED Facebook and in the Soldier How to Guides (HTGs) uploaded to the ArmyIgnitED Service Center.   
   b.  All Soldiers can find contact information for their assigned Army Education Center at https://home.army.mil/imcom/index.php/customers/ACES.

ACCESS, Army University


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