Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Filing APFT/ACFT in iPERMS - For S1

Attached you will find the new guidance on the Iperming of DA 705 and upcoming ACFT cards. As per the guidance sent by the G3 at the NGB level we will no longer Iperm these two documents. The naming conventions have been removed from Iperms so you will no longer find them if you try to Iperm these documents. From what it looks like this also includes the Iperming of the 5500, some of the full time tried and they were unable to find them naming convention in iperms. 

We will verify with NGB and pass this information to all of you. As far as the documents that we have already iperm they are set to expire after their 5 year cycle therefore they will automatically expire and drop off from the Soldier’s record when that document reaches that date.


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