Saturday, September 11, 2021

Message to the Force on September 11

Soldiers, Civilians, Family members and Soldiers for Life:


Twenty years ago, the world as we knew it changed on 9/11. For those who lived through that day, the feelings of fear, pain, and anger will never be forgotten. Every September 11th since, we remember the acts of bravery and sheer determination that followed.


There are amazing stories of true courage, sacrifice, and commitment to preserve life, honor the fallen, and to defend our Nation and our American way of life. These stories inspired thousands of Americans to raise their right hand, and say "send me" during a time of war.


On this 9/11, we pay tribute to those who served, especially those who gave all, in defense of our Nation. We remember our Gold Star Families, and we honor them for their commitment and their sacrifice.


On behalf of a grateful Army and Nation, thank you. It is an honor to serve among heroes like you.


Michael A. Grinston
Sergeant Major of the Army


James C. McConville
General, United States Army
Chief of Staff


Christine E. Wormuth
Secretary of the Army                 







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