Thursday, September 16, 2021

NG Ranger Training Assessment (RTAC)

  • FY22 RTAC

Course Scope And Special Information

(Currently Effective 2014-10-01) 


Course Scope:

Purpose: The purpose of the Ranger Training Assessment course is to assess, train and prepare eligible Army National Guard and Foreign Military Soldiers to complete the US Army Ranger Course. This course is designed to improve the combat arms functional skills of officer and enlisted volunteers.

Scope: The course consists of two parts and is instructed at the Warrior Training Center, FT Benning, GA. Part one (assessment), mirrors the assessment phase at the US Army Ranger Course and is designed to assess a Soldier's physical and mental abilities. Student's performance of critical tasks is evaluated and they are given instruction on light infantry tactics, techniques and procedures. Part two of the course, the field training exercise, is designed to assess and train Soldiers on troop leading procedures and patrolling which will be used during the US Army Ranger Course.

Course Outcomes: The Soldier will be able to: - Demonstrate physical and mental preparedness for the US Army Ranger Course. - Apply troop leading procedures, navigate while dismounted, develop and carry out combat orders and reconnaissance/combat patrols to the same standards as at the US Army Ranger Course.

Special Information:

The Infantry Commandant is the waiver approval authority for this course. Students requesting course/phase prerequisite waivers (e.g. AOC/MOS, Rank/Grade, Medical/Physical Standards, etc.) or units requesting changes to POI content (e.g. during "on site" course conducts (MTT) request to delete/modify lessons/blocks of instruction, shortage of equipment, etc.) will submit their request through the first LTC Commander in their chain of command to: Commandant, U.S. Army Infantry School ATTN: ATSH-IP, 1 Karker St. Suite 6107, Ft Benning, GA 31905. Waivers (minus Medical/Physical) must be submitted NLT 75 days prior to the class start date. Waivers for Medical/Physical requirements must be submitted NLT 90 days prior to class start date. Remarks: See the Fort Benning website, click on the WTC link, and the WTC website will have a link to A Co. The website address to the WTC A Co. RANGER TRAINING ASSESSMENT course is



  • Ranger Training is available on a voluntary basis for Soldiers of all MOS/CMF, but is limited to Soldiers whom the Direct Ground Combat Rule applies as outlined in AR600-13 Paragraph 1-12A. 
  • Soldiers must be in the Rank/Grade of: Private First Class, E-3 to Master Sergeant, E-8. 
  • Commissioned Officers must be in the Rank/Grade of: Second Lieutenant, O-1 to Major, O-4. 
  • Warrant Officers in the Rank/Grade: Warrant Officer, WO1 - Chief Warrant Officer, CW2.


FOREIGN SOLDIERS: This course is releasable to military students from foreign countries on a case-by-case basis. Foreign countries desiring to place students in this course must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  1. Have a signed Letter of Intent (LOI); 
  2. Have waiver from HQDA; 
  3. Have USG release for training; 
  4. etc.
  • Approved Ranger Physical Examination (DD Form 2807, DD Form 2807-1, DD Form 2808)
  • Audiogram (DD Form2216E), and copies of all laboratory or specialized consultations signed by a Doctor and Dentist, dated within 18 Months of course start date. IAW AR 40-501, chapters 2 and 5-3, and performed IAW Chapter 8. 
  • A current copy of MEDPROS that includes (routine adult + H1N1 module) and a routine immunization summary. 
  • Annual FLU shot required before attending winter classes (01 OCT-30 APR).For waiver approval see Special Information.


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