Friday, February 25, 2022

File Your Taxes for Free - No Hidden Fees with MilTax

Preparing and filing federal and state tax returns can sometimes be confusing.  That's why Military OneSource launched MilTax: a free suite of services for all active, National Guard and reserve members to help you get your taxes done right and on time with confidence. Once you create a login, the MilTax software walks you through the process of entering information needed based on current IRS and state requirements, and it also allows you to file up to three state returns for free (if needed).  MilTax tax consultants are tax experts.  They are trained to understand unique circumstances related to the military and are available to answer your questions along the way. You can learn more about MilTax at  Just cut-and-paste the URL into your browser and discover how MilTax can help you through this tax season. MilTax consulting, preparation and e-filing services are available now through mid-October.  Services are 100% free for military members, their spouses and surviving spouses. As you prepare for the 2022 tax season, learn more about what MilTax offers and how its suite of services and expert consultants understand the unique circumstances of military service. Military OneSource ___________________________________________________ Delivered by Defense Finance and Accounting Service


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