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S1NET Message Summary - 8 Feb 22

1. FY23 CAPTAIN’S CAREER COURSE (CCC) PREFERENCE MARKET - 04 FEB 22. HRC OPMD will run the FY23 CCC Preference Market in AIM 2.0 for select Branches from 01 APRIL 22 – 02 MAY 22. These branches include: AD, AR, CM, EN, FA, IN, MI, MP and SC. The preference portal allows YG19 Officers, 1LT(P)/CPTs not currently scheduled to submit their preference for CCC attendance for classes with start dates in FY23. Participating officers should confirm desired course attendance with their Chain of Command, in conjunction with operational requirements, prior to submitting preferences. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109559 2. ELECTRONICALLY UPLOADING DD 93s TO iPERMS. From the HRC Help Desk:  For those who might have problems transmitting DD 93's to iPERMS from eMILPO, the problem could be your Adobe Settings.  The instructions attached at the following link should help most users having issues signing and sending the DD Form 93 electronically. The exceptions to this may be personnel using the 20H2 update. The NEC has locked down the ability to add us.army.mil to the trusted sites for Adobe. Those individuals will need to contact their NEC to have it added. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1107702 3. FIND BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE TO COMBAT LONELINESS. From the Army Resilience Directorate: Loneliness is a common experience that can make you feel like you’re alone and isolated, even if you’re surrounded by others. You can feel like you lack meaning, purpose, or direction in your life, or that you lack meaningful connections with people. Loneliness is associated with many negative health outcomes. A study found that lonely adults get less exercise, eat more fat in their diets, sleep less, and report more daytime fatigue than adults who were not lonely. Use the tips at the following link to help if you find yourself feeling lonely. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109361 4. IPPS-A ITEMS.      a. UPCOMING IPPS-A LIVE TRAINING. See attached for a summary of upcoming IPPS-A live training with meeting links. This summary details training currently scheduled for February 2022. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-883742      b. IPPS-A DATA CORRECTNESS CAMPAIGN – 14 FEB 2022. Attached is the CONOP for upcoming IPPS-A Data Correctness Campaign training with an emphasis on DQAR Analysis and Q&A. All HR professionals, with a special focus on BDE/BN S1 personnel, should attend this session. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1110201      c. IPPS-A WEBINAR SERIES: CRM PART 1: HR AGENT FOCUS – 16 FEB 2022. Attached is the CONOP for the IPPS-A webinar on CRM Part 1: HR Agent Focus. During part one of the two-part mini-series, the IPPS-A FMD Training Team will share practical usage habits of CRM from the HR Agent perspective. In Release 3, unit S-1 personnel (aka HR Agents) will be the first stop for all submitted CRM cases; this training will help unit level agents understand the capabilities afforded to them within the tool. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1110231 5. HQDA EXORD 140-21 (FRAGO 1) THE ARMY FINANCIAL LITERACY TRAINING PROGRAM. From Soldier & Family Readiness Division, Army G-9: The Army’s Financial Readiness Program is a military life-cycle-based financial education and counseling program to bolster a Soldiers’ financial fitness throughout their career. The NDAA for Fiscal Year 2016 implemented a change in the military retirement plan instituting the Blended Retirement System and required financial literacy training at personal and professional milestones as mandated common military training requirements across the military lifecycle.  Financial literacy training provides the pathway for sustaining financial well-being and resiliency with benchmarks of meeting all financial responsibilities, building wealth and obtaining a sound financial future, and a secure retirement. Standardized course completion can now be recorded via Digital Training Management System. Visit the following link for more information.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109833 6. eMILPO DATASTORE UPDATE AS OF 4 FEBRUARY 2022:  CURRENTLY NOT ACCESSIBLE. Program Executive Office Enterprise Information System (PEO EIS) continues to work with the vendor to obtain patches for the servers responsible for refreshing the eMILPO Datastore database. Your PAS Chiefs (normally at BDE/Installation MPDs) are your first POCs for questions and concerns. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109632 7. ARMY RESERVE PAY MESSAGE 22-04, UPDATED DA FORM 5960 DATED JAN 2022. On 31 January 2022, the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 published an updated DA Form 5960 and administrative revision to AR 637-1. The new DA Form 5960 dated JAN 2022, changes the title of the form to Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Authorization and Dependency Declaration, highlights the certification statement at the bottom, and makes previous editions obsolete. This DA Form 5960 (JAN 2022) is the only 5960 authorized to upload to iPERMS or to be provided to the Soldier.  All previous versions of the DA Form 5960 are obsolete. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1110253 8. BRANCH/COMMAND ITEMS.      a. DONALD L. DELANDRO BRIGADIER GENERAL, U.S. ARMY, (RETIRED) JULY 20, 1935 – JANUARY 29, 2021. In memory of BG (Ret.) Donald J. Delandro of Alexandria, VA, beloved husband of Doretha Scott Delandro for 63 years, devoted father and father-in-law of Dawn L. Delandro-Bickham, Esq. and Stephen P. Bickham, uncle, cousin, surrogate grandfather, friend and mentor. General Delandro was the first African American appointed Adjutant General of the United States Army. He is memorialized in both likeness and name in the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/washingtonpost/name/donald-delandro-obituary?id=32770768      b. ORDER OF THE EAGLE RISING SOCIETY NOMINATIONS. The U.S. Army Warrant Officer Career College’s (USAWOCC) Order of the Eagle Rising Society annually recognizes one individual who has contributed significantly over his/her lifetime to the promotion of the Warrant Officer Community in ways that stand out in the eyes of the recipient’s seniors, subordinates, and peers. These individuals must also demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and moral character, display an outstanding degree of professional competency, and serve the Warrant Officer Community with distinction. The nomination packet must contain a nomination form and all supporting documentation. Download the nomination form from the USAWOCC webpage located at https://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/wocc. Click on the “Eagle Rising Society” hyperlink located under the “Quick Links” section. The USAWOCC approves only one nomination for induction. Nominations must be received NLT 2 May 2022. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109653 9. Recently published DOD and Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link.  https://armypubs.army.mil/default.aspx      a. ARMY DIRECTIVE 2022-04, SEXUAL ASSAULT LINE OF DUTY DETERMINATIONS AND REPORTING, 7 FEB 22. This directive prescribes policy for processing sexual assault Line of Duty (LOD) requests to ensure privacy and protection of victims’ sensitive information, to ensure there is no delay in providing care and treatment for sexual assault victims, and to establish transparency and timelines for the completion of all LOD requests and determinations. The provisions of this directive apply to the Regular Army, Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and U.S. Army Reserve. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1110619 10. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages.  All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper. All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/milpaye-messages.      a. MILPER MESSAGE 22-046, FISCAL YEAR 2022/2023 (FY22/23) ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES (ARSOF) OFFICER ACCESSION PROCESS ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE (REGULAR ARMY), ISSUED: [2/3/2022 10:46:22 PM]. This message announces the FY22/23 Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) Officer Accession Process for Civil Affairs (CA), Psychological Operations (PSYOP), and Special Forces (SF). https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-046      b. MILITARY PAY E-MESSAGE 22-012, REIMBURSEMENT FOR STATE LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATION COSTS FOR THE SPOUSE OF A SOLDIER ARISING FROM A PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION. The purpose of this message is to inform all of continued procedures for the authorized reimbursement for State licensure and certification costs for a spouse pursuant to the permanent change of station or permanent change of assignment of a Soldier sponsor to another State. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109482      c. MILPER MESSAGE 22-047, CY2023 FBI NATIONAL ACADEMY (FBINA) SELECTION PANEL, ISSUED: [2/7/2022 10:08:38 AM]. The FBINA selection panel nominates four primary attendees and 10 alternates from United States Army Criminal Investigation Division Command (USACID) criminal investigators. Representatives from HRC, the MP Corps and USACID form the nomination panel. MP Branch convenes a panel between 09 and 13 May 2022 to select nominees for the CY2023 training program. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-047      d. MILPER MESSAGE 22-048, FY23, DISTRIBUTION CYCLE 23-01 AVIATION AND MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS CPT INSTRUCTOR PILOT PROGRAM ASSIGNMENT OPPORTUNITIES, ISSUED: [2/7/2022 10:22:06 AM]. This program is an Army Aviation program, with the objective to infuse select Officers with a higher level of proficiency and aviation technical expertise while providing USAACE with additional Instructor Pilots (IP) to fill critical Warrant Officer IP positions. This program is one of many broadening experiences to enhance the participant’s professional development using a multi-track platform: Track 1 is open to 15 series Officers as a follow-on to a Captain’s Career Course (CCC), and Track 2 is open to Officer’s after completion of CPT Key Development (KD) requirements. https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/22-048 11. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 7 FEB 22). Hot openings listed at the following link.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/apf/s1net/forscom-wias          a. Targeting Technician in Arifjan, Kuwait. All Components may apply: 131A with Secret clearance in the grade of CW3.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989      b. Operations NCOIC at Soto Cano, Honduras.  All components may apply (E7 | 13B) with a TS for 365 days starting JUN 2022. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989      c. COMSEC Clerk (25B) in the grade of E5 (SGT) with a TS/SCI all components (IRR/IMA cannot apply) in Soto Cano, Honduras.  https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989       d. Maintenance QAE in Sotocano, Honduras. All components may apply (E6 91H Track Vehicle Repairer) position will accept 91B with a SECRET clearance for 180 days starting NOV 2022. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-871989    12. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE.  S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information.  For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-375787. Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.      https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/apf/s1net/jobannouncementsmobvacancies      a. 1ST MSC,1-389TH REG (BCT),(TPU, OFF, ENL), E4(P)-E6 DRILL SERGEANT CANDIDATE PROGRAM/DRILL SERGEANT VACANCIES,O2/O3 BI, VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN PUERTO RICO. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109438      b. 2-130TH AOB, ARNG AGR SFC/SSG READINESS NCO (15Q), SALISBURY, NC. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109512      c. USSOUTHCOM ADOS-RC VACANCY, SFC, SURINAME OPERATIONS NCO, PARAMARIBO, SURINAME. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109534      d. 207TH PUBLIC AFFAIRS DETACHMENT, TPU, O2/O3 COMMANDER VACANCY, PAO, PAQC QUALIFIED OR WILL TRAIN, 2 E6 TPU/AGR 46S, 1 E5 TPU, 46S, WICHITA, KS. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109832      e. 9TH MISSION SUPPORT COMMAND, TPU COL VACNACY ANNOUCEMENTS ACOS, G4 AND G6, HONOLULU, HI. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109814      f. 391ST MP - MULTIPLE MP, AG, AMEDD, AND QM NCO VACANCIES, OFFICER VACANCIES TOO, COLUMBUS, OH. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109986      g. 841ST ENGINEER BATTALION, TPU OFFICER VACANCIES, COMPANY XO AND BN S2, LOCATION: FORT LAUDERDALE/MIAMI, FL. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1109992      h. 4TH BRIGADE (MI), TPU, O3/01A, HHC CDR, FORT HUACHUCA, AZ. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1110042      i. AFRICOM J2 ADOS VACANCIES, E3-E8/ O2-O5/ CW2-CW4, STUTTGART, GERMANY, MOLESWORTH, ENGLAND, POTENTIAL CONUS LOCATIONS. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1110177      j. HHC, 415TH CHEMICAL BRIGADE, GREENVILLE, SC - MULTIPLE VACANCIES. https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-1110562


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