Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New Products from CALL

Last month, CALL hosted the quarterly Army Lessons Learned Forum General Officer Steering Committee. This event gave us the opportunity to brief senior leaders on observations from Warfighter Exercise (WFX) 22-1 and Operation Allies Welcome. You will find the post-exercise report for WFX 22-1 on our CAC-enabled site, as well as the recently released report from WFX 22-2. The Operation Allies Welcome report should publish in the near future. In addition to our new products this month, I would also like to highlight the products and initiatives provided in our announcements section. Organizations across the Combined Arms Center are here to support units and Soldiers with training and leadership resources and more. We will continue to share these items of interest as they become available. Do you find this mailing useful? How can we improve? Your feedback is always appreciated, so please feel free to reach out to us if you have comments or ideas for our team. ---------------------------------Other Announcements--------------------------------- 1. Be an “agent of change”! Military Analyst Forward (MAF) positions are available at all Army corps, two divisions, U.S. Army Central headquarters, and U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa. CALL is seeking highly motivated, self-starters from the National Guard, Army Reserve, or Individual Ready Reserve (major to colonel, chief warrant officer three to chief warrant officer five, or master sergeant to sergeant major) to serve as a link between the operational and institutional forces to drive change. (Active duty and Active Guard Reserve Soldiers are eligible to apply, but current command approval is required.) If interested, go to https://CALL2.army.mil (CAC enabled) and start the application process by clicking on “MAF” on the left side of the page. For further information, contact Mr. Timothy Burkett at 913-684-9515/ timothy.m.burkett.civ@army.mil. 2. Interactive Leader Development Guide (ILDG). From the team at the Center for the Army Profession and Leadership, the ILDG was created to support an individual’s self-development as a leader in two ways: To guide one through the process of identifying activities that help with professional growth, development, and continuous learning and to provide access to a searchable database of learning resources. https://capl.army.mil/interactive-leader-development-guide/#/ 3. Training Resources. The Mission Command Center of Excellence Directorate of Training recently established a Microsoft Teams site with access to all of their Warfighter Training Support Packages, Individual Training Support Packages, and the Training Circular (TC) 6-0 series of products. Examples include TC 6-0, "Training the C2 WfF" the class “How to Drive the Operations Process”; and the “exercise in a box” for a wet-gap crossing. Subject matter experts monitor the site regularly to answer questions. Visit https://dod.teams.microsoft.us/l/team/19%3adod%3a3875c13ec8ff421a8467aaf2504a6465%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=bb69e281-5e41-4b8a-bd51-321b6d19ef8a&tenantId=fae6d70f-954b-4811-92b6-0530d6f84c43 to join the conversation! Best Practice Submissions: --------------------------------- 22-677 Modernization in Army Mobilization. Posted On: 13 Jan 2022. URL: https://call2.army.mil/toc.aspx?document=18184 JLLIS URL: https://www.jllis.mil/index.cfm?disp=cdrview.cfm&doit=view&cdrid=171694 First Army recently conducted a validation exercise for an Army National Guard Maneuver Enhancement Brigade headquarters (HQ) deploying in support of a U.S. Army Africa Command/Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa mission set. Using information age technology, the deploying HQ staff participated in a rigorous, six-day-culminating training event on Fort Hood, linking training HQ, continental United States based observer coach/trainers, and theater subject matter experts with action officers in Europe and Africa. This level of combatant command investment, coupled with available communications technology, decreased the overall time required to prepare a mobilized HQ for deployment and increased understanding of the in-theater mission. This modernization of mobilization operations bridges the timeline gap required for large-scale mobilization of reserve forces in support of multi-domain operations. Newest Documents and Publications: ---------------------------------------------- 22-01 Leader's Guide to Collection Management. Posted On: 31 Dec 2021. URL: https://call2.army.mil/toc.aspx?document=18183 JLLIS URL: https://www.jllis.mil/index.cfm?disp=cdrview.cfm&doit=view&cdrid=171770 This guide addresses common issues observed during training exercises regarding the complexity of collection management. The primary audiences are those personnel directly involved in the collection management process at corps, division, and brigade level. Collection managers can excel when giving extra attention to a few key areas and following these observations generated at several combat training center rotations and WFXs. 22-643 Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) Catalog. Posted On: 31 Dec 2021. URL: https://call2.army.mil/toc.aspx?document=18180 JLLIS URL: https://www.jllis.mil/index.cfm?disp=cdrview.cfm&doit=view&cdrid=171672 With the increasing threat from sUAS on the battlefield, what are the best practices and lessons learned from U.S. Army divisions and corps, under the current modified table of organization and equipment, to counter enemy UAS operations in large- scale combat operations? How do divisions and corps best integrate and synchronize active/passive measures with current and emerging kinetic/non-kinetic capabilities in C-sUAS? What doctrine exists to best help soldiers understand C-sUAS operations? This catalog serves as a one-stop resource for C-sUAS references, both current and under revision. 21-673 WFX 22-2 Post Exercise Report. Posted On: 31 Dec 2021. URL: https://call2.army.mil/toc.aspx?document=18179 JLLIS URL: https://www.jllis.mil/index.cfm?disp=cdrview.cfm&doit=view&cdrid=171665 The WFX 22-2 Post Exercise Report provides highlights and observations covering challenges, issues, gaps, and effective techniques/practices in planning and executing multi-domain, large-scale combat operations at the division level. v/r, SCOTT W. MUELLER COL, AR Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned


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