Sunday, March 13, 2022

New Products from CALL

As we finally start to think about leaving winter behind, CALL is gearing up for several key collections this spring. A team will collect observations at Joint Readiness Training Center rotation 22-05/Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center rotation 22-02 on the efficacy of home-station training events reinforced with combat training center enablers. These events are also a prime opportunity to collect on specific proponent topics of interest for the Centers of Excellence. In April, another team will participate in Global Defender Phase I which links the Mission Command Training Program Warfighter Exercise 22-4 and National Training Center rotation 22-06 for a distributed, multinational, interoperability-focused exercise. We are excited to see what these collection teams will observe and write about upon their return. Finally, we expect to launch the “How We Fight” interactive, multimedia-training tool for corps and divisions by the end of March. Stay tuned to CALL’s social media (Facebook and Twitter) and for news and updates on its release. ---------------------------------Other Announcements--------------------------------- 1. Army Lessons Learned Synchronization Workshop (ALLSW). CALL will host the FY23 ALLSW from 22-24 March 2022, virtually, using A365 Microsoft Teams. The workshop synchronizes and prioritizes Army lessons learned collection efforts for the next fiscal year, provides an opportunity for participants to collaborate on professional topics, and enhances the Army Lessons Learned Program (ALLP). Participants are asked to register in advance at (CAC required). Access to this site requires approval. To find out more about the workshop please call the ALLP Branch at 913-684-9529/3575. 2. The Air Land Sea Application (ALSA) Center. The ALSA Center is a multi-Service organization established by the doctrine centers to develop tactical-level solutions of multi-Service interoperability issues consistent with Joint and Service doctrine. To learn more or to access multi-Service doctrine, visit or check them out on Facebook at or on Twitter @ALSA_Center. Newest Documents and Publications: ---------------------------------------------- 22-678 Division RDSP in LSCO: Observations and Methods. Posted On: 23 Feb 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: In recent Warfighter exercises (WFXs), higher headquarters (HQ) affected division planning by placing constraints on division operations. Typically, this was to allow for corps shaping efforts in the corps-level deep fight to ensure synchronization of maneuver efforts or to rebuild combat power. Competing complexities, the enemy vote, and the higher HQ's guidance, drive the same action: division staffs must quickly reassess the situation to determine the viability of the original plan. The complexities of the large-scale combat operations (LSCO) environment drive divisions to execute the rapid decision-making process (RDSP) instead of the military decision-making process (MDMP). Changes to plans occur in such a truncated timeframe that to fight and win at the pace of war, divisions must be able to plan and synchronize operations rapidly. While Army doctrine notes that MDMP seeks the optimal solution, RDSP seeks a timely and effective solution. 22-690 Planning for the Combat Aviation Brigade in Large Scale Combat Operations: A Guide for Division G35 and G5 Maneuver Officers. Posted On: 25 Feb 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: This article provides division staff officers, particularly non-aviators assigned to G-35/G-5, with critical insights to plan for and fight combat aviation brigades (CABs) in LSCO. The observations presented are underlying causes of some of the challenges facing divisions and CABs as division planners fight the CAB at corps and division WFXs. 22-686 A Year in Jamaica: Leveraging Partnerships Through the State Partnership Program. Posted On: 23 Feb 2022. URL: JLLIS URL: This article delivers information about the Army National Guard State Partnership Program as experienced by the District of Columbia National Guard in working with the Jamaican Defense Force to bolster partner-nation capacity. v/r, SCOTT W. MUELLER COL, AR Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned


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