Tuesday, October 4, 2022

2022 Soldier Readiness Survey (WTBD, ACFT, and H2F)

Fellow Soldiers,Does the Army produce physically fit Soldiers with the mental fortitude and tactical proficiency to prevail in combat?Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (WTBDs) are the fundamental combat skills trained to ALL Soldiers. The New Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) and Holistic Health and Fitness program (H2F) provide the critical tools necessary to assess and optimize Soldier performance.Please cut and paste the link in your email (titled "2022 Soldier Readiness Survey (WTBD, ACFT, and H2F)") into your browser, and tell us if we’re getting these right.As the proponent for WTBD, H2F, and ACFT, the United States Army Center for Initial Military Training conducts this survey every year.

We need to determine what the WTBDs should be, and whether we’re preparing our Soldiers to execute them. As the operational environment evolves, and our adversaries become more sophisticated and lethal, so too must the way we physically train, condition, and test our Soldiers.Your input in this process is vital. The link will take you to the WTBD/Combat Readiness Survey. Your feedback will influence WTBD content, and guide training, resourcing, and programming decisions as we fine-tune and move towards full implementation of H2F and ACFT.   If you encounter problems, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Stephanie Muraca at stephanie.t.muraca-grabowski.civ@mail.milPlease take the survey, make comments, and encourage other Soldiers to take it as well.  We have to get this right. Thanks,JOHN D. KLINEMajor General, U.S. ArmyCommanding


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