Friday, August 13, 2021

MGIB SR 1606 Kicker Update 21-60: Change 2 to FY21 VolEd Policy - Effective 15 August 2021

“Effective 15 August 2021, the Prior Service (PS) and Reenlistment (RE) MGIB-SR Kickers are suspended for the remainder of FY21 or until further guidance is published. All PS or RE MGIB-SR Kickers issued prior to 15 August 2021 will be honored and remain in force while all PS or RE MGIB-SR Kickers issued on or after 15 August 2021 will be invalidated.”

Please note that current service members and new recruits who haven’t yet completed training, can receive funding to cover up to 100% of tuition through our National Guard Grant. Submit your application today. Members will still have access to FTA/CA and GI Bill benefits if eligible.

20210812 FY21 ARNG VolEd Policy PPOM 20-029-Change 2.pdf


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