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  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=150154
  • by Scientific American
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2020 (449 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781094073453
  • This audio edition looks at the factors - personal, professional, and psychological - that affect how we think, feel, and act while on the job, which ultimately affects our productivity and success.

A Question of Time
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=151440
  • by Scientific American
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2020 (401 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781094074658
  • This audio edition explores the latest thinking on the nature of time and the ways it dominates our physical and mental worlds.

Advocate to Win: 10 Tools to Ask for What You Want and Get It
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155889
  • by Heather Hansen
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (362 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714510
  • This audio edition shares how you can use the tools of a trial attorney to ask for what you want—and get it. Read by the author.

Corporations Compassion Culture: Leading Your Business toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155577
  • by Keesa C. Schreane
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (744 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714015
  • This audio edition provides guidance on creating a sustainable, inclusive, equitable, and compassionate business model that will thrive in businesses globally.

Curve Benders: How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-Linear Growth in the Future of Work
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155894
  • by David Nour
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (521 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663713353
  • This audio edition aims to provide you with a step-by-step guide for personal, professional, and organizational growth.

From the Bench to the Boardroom: My Journey from Underdog Athlete to Turnaround CEO
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155892
  • by Michael C. MacDonald
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (380 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714091
  • This audio edition chronicles Michael MacDonald's transformation from a scholarship player at Rutgers' high-level Division I basketball program to a highly successful executive at Xerox and then chairman and CEO of Medifast.

Fundamentals of Marketing, 2nd Edition
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155890
  • by Paul Baines, Sophie Whitehouse, Sara Rosengren and Paolo Antonetti
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (966 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714398
  • This audio edition has all you need to begin your journey into the fascinating world of marketing.

Happier, No Matter What: Cultivating Hope, Resilience, and Purpose in Hard Times
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155591
  • by Tal Ben-Shahar
  • HighBridge © 2021 (285 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781696604833
  • This audio edition gives listeners a toolbox for finding hope and purpose - the SPIRE method.

In Defense of Liberal Democracy: What We Need to Do to Heal a Divided America
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155908
  • by Manuel Hinds
  • HighBridge © 2021 (709 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781696605656
  • This audio edition is a bold reaffirmation of the liberal democratic principles that have carried America through each crisis in its history - and can do so again.

Information Technology Law: The Law and Society, Fourth Edition
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=154040
  • by Andrew Murray
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (2503 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663710505
  • This audio edition takes an original and thought-provoking approach to examining this fast-moving area of law in context.

Lead with Hospitality: Be Human. Emotionally Connect. Serve Selflessly.
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155891
  • by Taylor Scott
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (365 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714374
  • This audio edition is a call to action to connect with people on a human level which ultimately inspires teams, organizations, and companies to go to the next level. Read by the author.

Leadership Moments from NASA: Achieving the Impossible
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155597
  • by Dave Williams and Elizabeth Howell
  • Tantor © 2021 (629 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781705293515
  • This audio edition shows how NASA recovered from tragedy and adversity, and how it developed a culture of competency that continues to attract the best and brightest.

Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=150153
  • by Rachael Wolff
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2020 (338 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781094066578
  • This audio edition is a transformational guide igniting the powerful woman inside us that we’ve suppressed for too long.

Marketing Mess to Brand Success: 30 Challenges to Transform Your Organization's Brand (and Your Own)!
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155975
  • by Scott Jeffrey Miller
  • Tantor © 2021 (478 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781705280959
  • This audio edition reveals 30 career obstacles that you may encounter in your brand marketing, and how to transform them into company wide gains. Read by the author.

Mindfulness for Warriors: Empowering First Responders to Reduce Stress and Build Resilience
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=151078
  • by Kim Colegrove
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2020 (264 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781094103907
  • This audio edition provides evidence-based practices to help first responders and their families deal with stress

Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=144523
  • by Courtney Carver
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2017 (381 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781538435410
  • This audio edition shows us the power of simplicity to improve our health, build more meaningful relationships, and relieve stress in our professional and personal lives.

Tax the Rich!: How Lies, Loopholes, and Lobbyists Make the Rich Even Richer
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155970
  • by Morris Pearl, Erica Payne and The Patriotic Millionaires
  • Tantor © 2021 (325 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781666122473
  • This audio edition illuminates the practical reforms that can put America on the road to stability and shared prosperity before it’s too late.

The Imagination Machine: How to Spark New Ideas and Create Your Company's Future
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155888
  • by Jack Fuller and Martin Reeves
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (369 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714534
  • This audio edition provides a fascinating look into the mechanics of imagination and lays out a six-step process for creating ideas and bringing them to life.

The Power of Patience: How This Old-Fashioned Virtue Can Improve Your Life
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155596
  • by M.J. Ryan
  • Tantor © 2021 (252 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781666104516
  • This audio edition shares how patience is the very antidote to the stress that our fast-paced lifestyle results in.

The Trusted Advisor: 20th Anniversary Edition
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155969
  • by David H. Maister, Robert M. Galford and Charles H. Green
  • Tantor © 2021 (638 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781666125054
  • This audio edition is essential for anyone who must advise, negotiate, or manage complex relationships with others.

The Worry-Free Mind: Train Your Brain, Calm the Stress Spin Cycle, and Discover a Happier, More Productive You
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=144529
  • by Carol Kershaw and Bill Wade
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing © 2017 (412 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781504778411
  • This audio edition shows you how to decipher the architecture of your model of reality, shift it to a newer version, and overcome your tendency to worry every day.

Undisruptable: A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and Life
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155895
  • by Aidan McCullen
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (326 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663713339
  • This audio edition will give you a new lens through which to consider change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Why Trust Matters: An Economist's Guide to the Ties That Bind Us
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155972
  • by Benjamin Horst
  • Tantor © 2021 (589 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781666119190
  • This audio edition shows how a concept that we rarely associate with the discipline of economics is central to the social systems that govern our lives.

Work Smart Now: How to Jump Start Productivity, Empower Employees, and Achieve More
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=155887
  • by Richard Polak
  • Ascent Audio © 2021 (386 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781663714879
  • This audio edition is a much-needed guide to help people maximize productivity and increase revenue.

Choose Your Customer: How to Compete Against the Digital Giants and Thrive
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156149
  • by Jonathan L. S. Byrnes and John S. Wass
  • McGraw-Hill © 2021 (288 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781264257096
  • Two top specialists in profitable growth and innovative customer-supplier relationships show companies of all sizes how to compete with the tech giants—by choosing and providing peerless value to the right customers for long-term success.

The Complete Guide to ETF Portfolio Management: The Essential Toolkit for Practitioners
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156150
  • by Scott M. Weiner
  • McGraw-Hill © 2021 (304 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781264257461
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are growing and they’re growing fast. This comprehensive and insightful guide provides everything you need to know to manage an ETF with the knowledge and skill of a seasoned pro.


Beginning Azure Synapse Analytics: Transition from Data Warehouse to Data Lakehouse
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156635
  • by Bhadresh Shiyal
  • Apress © 2021 (249 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484270608
  • Get started with Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft's modern data analytics platform. This book covers core components such as Synapse SQL, Synapse Spark, Synapse Pipelines, and many more, along with their architecture and implementation.

Build a Career in Data Science
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156225
  • by Emily Robinson and Jacqueline Nolis
  • Manning Publications © 2020 (888 pages)
  • This audio edition is your guide to landing your first data science job and developing into a valued senior employee.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – An Implementation and Compliance Guide, Fourth Edition
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156190
  • by IT Governance Privacy Team
  • IT Governance © 2021 (488 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781787783034
  • This audio edition provides clear and comprehensive guidance on the GDPR and sets out the obligations of data processors and controllers in terms you can understand.

Get Programming: Learn to Code with Python
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156224
  • by Ana Bell
  • Manning Publications © 2020 (558 pages)
  • This audio edition teaches you the basics of computer programming using the Python language.

Machine Learning for Oracle Database Professionals: Deploying Model-Driven Applications and Automation Pipelines
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156630
  • by Heli Helskyaho, Jean Yu and Kai Yu
  • Apress © 2021 (289 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484270318
  • Database developers and administrators will use this book to learn how to deploy machine learning models in Oracle Database and in Oracle’s Autonomous Database cloud offering.

Pro Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): Powerful Tools and Practices for Cross-Platform Development and Collaboration
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156638
  • by Hayden Barnes
  • Apress © 2021 (287 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484268728
  • Sprinkled with practical examples throughout to reinforce understanding, this book is designed to efficiently and effectively get developers comfortable using this highly useful platform for open-source development on Windows.

Python Workout: 50 Ten-Minute Exercises
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156223
  • by Reuven M. Lerner
  • Manning Publications © 2021 (455 pages)
  • This audio edition guides you through 50 carefully selected exercises that invite you to flex your programming muscles.

Running Microsoft Workloads on AWS: Active Directory, Databases, Development, and More
  • https://usarmy.skillport.com/skillportfe/main.action?assetid=156634
  • by Ryan Pothecary
  • Apress © 2021 (292 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484266274
  • Introducing AWS foundations, this book compares them to traditional Microsoft architectures and shows you how to design your AWS Cloud platform to run your current Microsoft solutions.


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