Friday, August 20, 2021

myPay Now Supports Third-party Authenticator Apps

myPay now supports third-party authenticator apps as part of its two-factor authentication logon.

Customers can now install the authenticator app of their choice on their smartphones to generate a unique PIN that will allow access to individual myPay accounts.

Once the app is installed, users who have already chosen a preferred method for two-factor authentication can access myPay and set up their authenticator selection via their personal settings.  Users who have not
started using two-factor authentication will be prompted to choose email, text, or authenticator app as their two-factor preferred method the next time they log in.

Instructions to set up your account and begin using the authenticator are online at

Some customers have reported delays in receiving a one-time PIN necessary to logon to their myPay account.  Authenticators do not rely on text messaging or email to provide codes necessary to access myPay accounts and will alleviate the frustration of expired one-time PINs when trying to review or
make changes online.

While a third-party authenticator is not required for myPay logon, it may be a solution for those experiencing difficulties logging in or wishing to further increase their account security.


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