Sunday, August 1, 2021

The National Guard Grant (NGG) and Service Obligation

What is a service obligation in relation to the NGG?
The service obligation is an agreement to continue actively participating in the Washington National Guard one year for each academic year for which you receive funds.
  • Example 1: Today, a member has 6 years left before ETS/RET on current contract. The member is awarded funds for this year -> They do not need to extend because they have enough time to meet the obligation. Even If we award funds for 3 more years, the SM is still not required to extend. This means a member can receive an associates or bachelors without ever needing to extend!

  • Example 2: Today, the member is awarded funds. They have 9 months left before ETS/RET -> In this example, the member can apply, but does not have enough time to serve the 1 year obligation and will have to extend.

So when does the one-year service obligation start?
The year of service begins after the last term in the academic year for which funds were awarded. Even if funds are not awarded for an entire academic year, a full year of service is still required for each academic
year in which grant funding is received.

  • Example: If a participant receives grant funding for fall and winter quarters only, the service year begins after the end of winter quarter. If a participant receives grant funding for fall, winter, and spring quarters, the service year begins after the end of spring quarter.

We hope this information helps you understand that using the grant only requires a member to extend in cases where they do not have enough time on their contract to fulfill the 1 year obligation.

We are accepting applications for fall term right now and the 2021/2022 calendar. Please follow the link to submit a simple application


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