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An Executive Guide to PRINCE2 Agile

  • by AXELOS
  • TSO, Ltd © 2017 (42 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780113315406
  • Aimed at senior executives, this guide uncovers the benefits of applying PRINCE2 with an agile approach to product development and delivery, resulting in an organization that understands and controls its investment while also harnessing innovation.


An Executive Guide to Value Management

  • by AXELOS
  • TSO, Ltd © 2010 (52 pages)
  • ISBN: 9780113312795
  • Providing clear and unambiguous guidance to value management, this book explains how to maximize value while taking into account an organizations' priorities and differing stakeholder needs, and also shows how to use resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership, Fourth Edition

  • by Peter Hawkins
  • Kogan Page © 2021 (488 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781789667455
  • Develop collaborative and effective leadership teams to create high-performing organizations with this popular guide by leading coaching expert, Peter Hawkins.


The New World of Work: Shaping a Future That Helps People, Organizations and Our Societies to Thrive

  • by Peter Cheese
  • Kogan Page © 2021 (400 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781398602090
  • Use this practical guide from the leading voice in the people profession to ensure your business and your workforce thrive in the new world of work.


User Research with Kids: How to Effectively Conduct Research with Participants Aged 3-16

  • by Thomas Visby Snitker
  • Apress © 2021 (178 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484270707
  • Helping professionals and students in all sectors of research, design, and innovation, this insightful book walks you through how to best approach user research with children through the processes of conceptualization, design, prototyping, and eventually the launch.


Work and Employment in a Changing Business Environment

  • by Stephen Taylor and Graham Perkins
  • Kogan Page © 2021 (416 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781398600201
  • Use this brand new CIPD textbook to understand the theory and practice of the developments that have changed the world of work including technology, sustainability and globalization.


Database-Driven Web Development: Learn to Operate at a Professional Level with PERL and MySQL  

  • by Thomas Valentine
  • Apress © 2021 (188 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484259696
  • Learn to operate at a professional level with HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, PERL and the MySQL database. With plain language explanations and step-by-step examples, you will understand the key facets of web development that today’s employers are looking for.


Demystifying the Azure Well-Architected Framework: Guiding Principles and Design Best Practices for Azure Workloads

  • by Shijimol Ambi Karthikeyan
  • Apress © 2021 (136 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484271186
  • Use the Azure well-architected framework to deploy your workloads in Azure and align them with Microsoft recommended best practices. This book takes a deep dive into the five architecture elements and provides practical guidance on incorporating them into your architecture.


How to Make a Game: Go From Idea to Publication Avoiding the Common Pitfalls Along the Way

  • by Minhaz-Us-Salakeen Fahme and Tanimul Haque Khan
  • Apress © 2021 (278 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484269169
  • Get a head start on making your games efficiently by avoiding common design and development pitfalls. This book takes you through the fundamentals of game making and the usual mistakes and bad practices that can harm your games.


Mastering Swift Package Manager: Build and Test Modular Apps Using Xcode

  • by Avi Tsadok
  • Apress © 2021 (211 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484270486
  • Following an imaginary company that struggles to improve their app using Swift Package Manager for the first time, this book will show you how to create and maintain Swift Packages both from Xcode and Terminal, at the deepest level possible, and how to do it right.


Pro PHP 8 MVC: Model View Controller Architecture-Driven Application Development, Second Edition

  • by Christopher Pitt
  • Apress © 2021 (367 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781484269565
  • Examine the building blocks that make any good MVC framework using PHP 8. This book exposes all the considerations that many developers take for granted when using a popular framework, and teaches you how to make this MVC framework your own.

Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python, Third Edition

  • by Simon Monk
  • McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2021 (192 pages)
  • ISBN: 9781264257355
  • With step-by-step projects including a digital clock prototype and a fully functioning Raspberry Pi robot, this fully updated guide shows how to create inventive programs and fun games on your powerful Raspberry Pi―with no programming experience required.


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