Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Promotion Points (DLPT)

When IPPS-A does not see on ONE line with TWO passing scores of 10 or higher, it will not award promotion points. This occurs when a Soldier takes TWO test READING and LISTENING on separate dates (which is normal - as taking both tests the same day can be tough). (IPPS-A receives its data from DLPT-AR)).

The TWO scores must be within 30 days of each other to receive promotion points – REF: AR 11-6, PARA 2-4, SUB-PARA C.

IPPS-A created a defect to modify configuration for promotion points for DLPT scores taken within 30 days. As soon as that defect has been deployed and in effect, it should correct this calculation.

In the interim, to correct this issue during a records review, you need to merge the TWO scores onto ONE line in IPPS-A and allow IPPS-A to update overnight and then should award promotion points the next day.


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