Friday, March 1, 2024

The British Army Review 187 – The Battle of Irpin River

 This special edition of The British Army Review tells the story of how Ukrainian forces stopped the Russian military from crossing the Irpin River and prevented the enemy from reaching the outskirts of northwest Kyiv in February and March 2022. Based on original oral interviews and field research, the narrative focuses on the defence staged by the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion and supporting units of the Ukrainian Army’s 72nd Mechanised Brigade. It details the fighting that took place at Antonov Airport on the 24th February and the subsequent battle along the Irpin River at Horenka, Moshchun and Huta Mezhyhirs’ka. We have called it the Battle of Irpin River because the waterway became a natural front line – an operational obstacle that Russian forces had to overcome and, when the Ukrainian military flooded the river, a barrier that became uncrossable. The battle raged until the end of March 2022 and ended in a Russian retreat.


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