Saturday, January 23, 2021

A Message to the Army Community About Recent Events at the U.S. Capitol

Dear Soldiers, Civilians, Family members, and Soldiers for Life:

The violent riot at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on January 6th, 2021 was an attack on the U.S. Congress and our Constitutional democracy. Since the Nation's founding, the United States Soldiers and Civilians have committed themselves to safeguarding democratic ideals while adhering to civilian authority by swearing an oath to support and defend the Constitution. We defend the rights of every American, and we protect the roles of our institutions of democracy. We remind all Soldiers and Civilians to uphold the Army's apolitical standards.

Democratic elections are a constitutional right, and the military has no role in determining their outcome. The Nation expects all members of the United States Army to follow the law and do the right things the right way, whether we are in or out of uniform. To maintain the sacred trust of the American People, it is important that all those who represent the Army, in any capacity, remain models of professionalism, character, and integrity.

The Army is steadfast in its role to defend our Nation, and our National Guard Soldiers continue their mission to support local law enforcement security efforts. We want to thank you for your commitment to the Army values as we remain stewards of our profession during these challenging times.

Michael A. Grinston
Sergeant Major of the Army
James C. McConville
General, United States Army Chief of Staff
Ryan D. McCarthy
Secretary of the Army


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